Saturday, April 30, 2011

A set of beautiful nails not only reflect the personality of the employer but also indicate signs of health. So do not ignore the care of this body for a corner.
Bí quyết để làm đẹp với móng

Summer is the season of style and personality, so please chau broaching to the smallest detail each of you to make a difference. Many people believe that, hands up an important position, especially in the first meeting. So let the opposite be impressed by your hands with beautiful nails.
Here are some tips to help you maintain beautiful nails:
- Take care to nail growth by ensuring adequate dietary nutrients. Also must be added to massage cream foundation with every day to nurture the foundation strong.
- It's not attractive with a chipped nail. You can hide it by choosing large nails painted the same color covered the entire area chipped.
- Use only after the varnish coating type background, because otherwise it will cause your nail color yellow.
- You can help your nails are drying after painting by hand and let soak in cold water for 10 minutes to speed up the drying process as well as help more rigid nails.
- If your nails weak, eat adequate protein and nail cream combined with a vitamin B.
- Every month should be breathing a few days to nail by wiping clean the paint, which also helps avoid stain.
- To paint the long ball, cover an additional layer of paint ball and focus on the inner corner of the nail to create a solid layer of protection.
According to the Vietnam Post and Telecommunications



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