Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thousands of people in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong has a long queue to get the desired iPad Version 2 as soon as possible.
Người dân châu Á xếp hàng chờ mua iPad 2
After days of delay due to earthquake and tsunami, the 5th day (27 / 4) Japan became Asia's first official distribution iPad 2. According to the T asked how Wall Street, people queued to buy goods iPad two retail stores in Japan's first named Ginza last up to three city blocks.
First customer in line who had queued from 8 pm on the 4th of heavy rain overnight to become the first in Asia has been the official Apple product. iPad 2 on sale in Japan at a price of 44,800 yen (about 549 USD), equivalent to the price of an Apple iPad sold here last year.
Am 29 / 4, in a shop in Hong Kong, more than 400 customers were queuing in the rain waiting to buy iPad 2 and noon, the store has sold out. The authorization of the Apple store in Singapore and South Korea say they only have 100 units for sale today.
Monday 4 (27 / 4), Apple announced two iPad will be sold in Japan, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey and the UAE This week, while Chinese consumers can buy this product on 6 / 5 here.
In a quarterly report released last week, Apple said it has sold all of iPad 2 that they produce, even faced with insufficient condition to produce components. Apple also plans to sell about 40 million units in 2011 iPad this.
According to AppleInsider



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