Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's easier as ABC of creating a good website for free with or From those blogs website you can share photos, documents, point of views, and videos with your families, friends and relatives as well. It's extremely amazing way how to create a good website by just spending some minutes of times, then that's it! By doing that, you can have two options:

1. Got to, by then you should create an account and follow instructions, and play around with it then you will know how to create a blog as well.

2. Go to, then go to  that you will learn almost all the processes of creating a website with as your eager to create a very professional webpage. You can see my wordpress blog as an  example: or

But through my experience, to create either with blogger or wordpress are free, but I'm familiar with the creating with because I can do almost everything that I need, otherwise for it has a bit complicated rather than, also its good template just for selling only, but if you have knowledge on css or html, then nothing mater with you, instead if you are a very fresh of blog builder you should spend much time to play with its designed functions.

For further information about how to create a good personal website, I'll post soon. Please back to read again!

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