Sunday, July 31, 2011

The plane broke in two, 163 people survivedA plane crashed and broke in half while landing at an airport in Guyana yesterday (30 / 7), but fortunately no one died. BBC leading source of Caribbean Airlines airline said the plane crashed carrying 157 passengers and six crew staff on board when the accident occurred at 1h32 (local time). The company's Boeing 737-800 Caribbean Airlines flights from New York and in transit in Trinidad. It has run beyond the runway at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, the capital of Georgetown in wet weather conditions.Fortunately, only a few passengers were injured with bruises and a broken leg.

The accident caused the fracture plane pair in Guyana. (Photo: AP)

"It really is a miracle," the president of Caribbean Airlines said after the rare accident happens without causing loss of life. Meanwhile, President of Guyana, Bharrat Jagdeo said: "We are glad to not have too many injuries." Mr. Jagdeo added that the aircraft was promptly stopped near a 61m deep gorge.If it fell, probably a dozen people were killed.
The plane broke in two, 163 people survived
Investigators are exploring the causes of accidents. (Photo: AP)
Rescue teams worked hard in the night to rescue the passengers from the wreckage. One woman said she heard a loud noise when the plane landed and everyone was screaming with fear. "It was terrible. I only pray, "the woman recalled the moment facing death. Her husband then opened and the passengers exit the plane that ran out.
Caribbean Airlines is owned airline of Trinidad and Tobago. The company has never encountered a serious accident before.


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