Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rò rỉ clip điện thoại Toshiba chạy Windows Phone 7A short clip on the handset Toshiba TG01 runs Windows Mobile 7 has been shared on the Internet raises information about Toshiba releasing a new phone.

TG01 smartphone ever leaked before some configuration information like 1GHz chip, 4.1 inch screen, Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system.
However, the latest video for phones that run Windows Mobile 7 operating system and the machine works quite smooth, responsive screen, app store is also activated Marketplace.
According WPCentral , the TG01 is a device used to test Microsoft features of Windows Mobile 7.New video on YouTube to share information Toshiba raises hands with Microsoft to release a new smartphone. According to the Vietnam Post Office



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