Friday, March 25, 2011

The Angkor Wat complex was built by a Khmer king around 1,150 AD as a giant Hindu temple. It covers more than 200 acres of land in northern Cambodia, near the border with Thailand. Construction of the complex required thousands of laborers and hundreds of tons of sandstone to complete over a 40-year period. A symbol of national pride, Angkor Wat, considered the Sixth Wonder of the World, graces the Cambodian flag and attracts thousands of tourists each year. Thing you will need to build Angkor Wat: 1,000 laborers, 100 artisans, 300 tons sandstone and 40 years.

Constructing the Sixth Wonder of the World
1.     Quarry 300 tons of sandstone cut into blocks of various sizes according to design of temple and transport 25 miles by river raft to temple site from Mount Kulen. Carve blocks to fit at temple site.

2.     Position blocks using ropes, pulleys, scaffolds and elephants. Use blocks to construct substructure, walls, stairs and vaults according to order of rituals practiced in homage to the Hindu deity Vishnu.

3.     Auger holes in sandstone blocks to insert wood pegs or iron bars for joining or positioning blocks and also to cover gaps and flaws where sandstone blocks are improperly positioned.

4.     Carve all surfaces, including walls, columns and rooftops with sculptures and reliefs of Hindu deities, dancing girls, soldiers, and mythical beasts.
5.     Construct rooftops using local timber and clay tiles.

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