Sunday, February 12, 2012

Overcoming 101 254 5247 test files of reporters, photo Yemeni woman hugged relatives were injured in clashes with government troops of Samuel Aranda won the World Press Photo.

This image was taken when the newspaper reporter Samuel Aranda New York Times to report on the movement of "Arab Spring" is raging in Yemen. Meanwhile, clashes between protesters mostly youth and government troops did not fewer casualties. Picture woman hugged relatives wounded in the arms dated 15/10/2011 has inspired the author.
Yemen photo woman hugged relatives injured won the World Press Photo 2011.
Award World Press Photo is the most prestigious awards for photographers worldwide. First awarded 55 years ago, the prize World Press Photo was actually a place for reporters to recommend the brainchild that they are not afraid of hardship, danger operational commitment. This is also a photo contest in the field of journalism's most prestigious and largest that any reporter wants to achieve. This year, journalist Samuel Aranda has over 101,254 works of the 5247 contest photographer to win this award.
Winning photo journalist this year's Aranda was an assembly that gom19 internationally recognized expert and award decision after 13 days of carefully selected from the works submitted to the contest. Winning photos will be sent to Amsterdam, the Netherlands and will be officially announced at the award ceremony was held in April. In addition to being honored, winning journalists will also receive € 10,000 cash prize and a Canon EOS Digital SLR cameras.
Besides winning best picture, prize World Press Photo also awarded 10 other prizes for outstanding works in the areas of focus image, edges, overall image, image character of the event, Photo of sports, the sports section Photos, Photo of the contemporary issues, Photo real life, everyday life, Portrait, Photo art and entertainment and natural image. In each category there will be 3 awards and 3 awards for single images for image sets.
Here are the rules of winning World Press Photo 2011.
Files following the Japanese earthquake tsunami disaster of the author Paolo Pellegrin won the second prize overall image. (Photo of)
Also double disaster earthquake tsunami, reporter Lars Lindqvist won second prize overall image. (Single image)
The wedding photographs of children winning journalist Stephanie Sinclair contemporary issues. (Photo of)
Photo of Maria, prostitutes are drug addicts reporters invited guest of Brent Stirton won the contemporary issues. (Single image)
This photograph of the capital, Pyongyang, North Korea's winning journalist Damir Sagolj Photo everyday life.(Photo of)
The work of award-winning journalist Alejandro Kirchuk Photo everyday life. (Single image)
Polar bears find the Arctic Penguins punish the author of Jenny E. Ross won the natural image. (Single image)
War of the rhino-winning author Brent Stirton natural image. (Photo of)
Tomasz Lazar's work won the event character. (Single image)
Tears of the protesters Alex Majoli won the most overall Pictures. (Single image)
The work won first prize Laerke Portrait of Posselt. (Single image)
Second-winning works of art and entertainment Photo of Vincent Boisot. (Single image)
The school shootings of Norway won the second prize Photo Hammerstrom Niclas angles. (Photo of)
Winning Sports Photos of the Second Ray McManus. (Single image)
The girl between the scene of the bombing Hossaini Massoud won the second prize image edges. (Single image)
Find the middle of the rubble after a tsunami of Chieko Matsukawa character image won first prize in the event.
Libya's war prize winner Yuri Kozyrev image edges. (Single image)
Diving, the work of Adam Pretty Picture Sports won the second prize. (Photo of)
Afghanistan's police Ton Koene Portrait photo won second prize. (Photo of)
Rob Hornstra's work won first prize Arts and entertainment images. (Photo of)


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