Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hottest colors spring 2012 had completely conquered the grave tone of the stars in showbiz fashion Vietnam as Ho Ngoc Ha, Thanh Thuy Tien Hang or ...

Yellow mustard, also known as mustard yellow represents the quiet, bold feminine charm. However, this color is not a perfect fit for her quiet. Because to become beautiful people wearing yellow mustard, you must master the principle of creating contrasting colors.
When in need of thoughtful, quiet, and her stylish yellow mustard can be combined with tones of "loving" a bit like black, brown, red or gray ... Longer time to show off the dynamic inherent young, you just mix it with bold colors such as green power. A little tenderness that the heart would be facing when you wear this yellow and white with lovely tones.
However, when the yellow mustard you should also note: costumes as simple as possible. Because this color is already very prominent, cumbersome costumes, much of their opponents to just more glitzy, while watching your headache only. And so comfortable shopping more grams of certain wardrobe by this particular color will be hot in the heart of the fashion fan for a long time again!
Before "landing" in Vietnam, mustard yellow tones former showbiz world by storm.Even young actress Olivia Palermo or her renowned stylish Victoria Beckham could not ignore this beautiful gold color.
Ho Ngoc Ha had been awarded the most discerning showbiz mother. She is dressed simply but tastes impressive and beautiful. She is one of the first people boldly in the mustard yellow Vietnamese showbiz.
Combined with black tones, delicate chiffon dress makes Ha Ho luxurious and attractive than. It also has another advantage is glorified body height and standard which was the mother of a multitude of people to make ... "Eyes look worn."
Regularly updated new style, Thanh Hang deserves to be honored as best-dressed star Vietnamese showbiz. Even in everyday life and as a party, this long-legged owners bring many dress eye-catching yellow mustard.
Thuy Tien had been considered a jumpsuit addict but this mustard colored suit helped her clear her "cheat" in height and three-ring show sexy. Besides, she is one of the first Vietnamese artist to fashion lancer Palazzo pants.
 Miss Huong Diem is also very popular color. Owning a bright white skin should seem pretty yellow mustard with her beauty.
 Duong Ngoc Yen yellow mustard also enthralled. Simple round neck dress with a few lines at the bottom made out plis former supermodel glamor and more youthful.
 Dinh Ngoc Diep of course do not want out of the game ...
... and a stylish girl like Phuong Trinh's especially hard to avoid the lure of the yellow mustard.
The My Khanh, Kim Dung mustard yellow color with white or black tones will certainly give you more of the interesting girl.


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