Friday, February 10, 2012

These brightly colored, as opposed to young designers will be combined in a very clever by the members of the M-code band - a '"rookie" of Vietnamese showbiz.

Surely any guy you want to be also very "chic" girls night in front of you Valentine. Complex with no costumes available every day, just teenboy skillfully combining them together is already possible to create a new look romantic, sweet but also very masculine and only way.
Introduced in late 2011, M-code is a candidate band is expected to shine in the band of the year. In addition to the appearance, voice, the "sponsor" majestic, fashionable style of each member also made much impression on the audience. Please choose the M-code band outfits on the night of lovers.
Still the Cross familiar motifs but with striking colors. young designer styling and the way out, the guy will actually become completely different style simple routine. An interesting suggestion is to choose the accessories such as glasses, necklaces, watches ... to become "material" peck!
Record-pears jacket with contrast colors are consistent with any teenboy strong personality. Highlights of this map is mixing with shoe design that is in the neck and cloth to create healthy, active for each move of the guy.
Vest had never "thrown out" at a time. But let's forget about coarseness, color is a bit "instance" of the vest of years ago to welcome the new design and colors hugging the young people of the trend this year. It will be interesting choice for the boys seem to want to create elegant, luxurious side of his girlfriend.


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