Monday, February 6, 2012

Case "four slap" does not prevent young singer to "The singing love songs" - a creation of the Save Thien Huong, become "favorite song" in 1/2012.

And Luu Thien Huong Linh Uyen holding a cup favorite song of January.
Both and Save Thien Huong Linh Uyen are surprised to learn "brainchild" of their audiences and the most popular votes in the past four weeks. Stage to receive awards, Uyen Linh very confident. She shared with the audience present in the room on the first victory in 2012: "Thanks for those who love you and always support Spirit before all difficulties and waves. After all that has happened in recently, Spirit thought I was very lucky. Now, Spirit can only say thank you to everyone alone. "
Meanwhile, as a musician, Liu Thien Huong said: "The award favorite song is my pride. This award is something that many people are wanting. Because it is critical of get audiences loved it and vote ".
Immediately after receiving the award on 5/2, Uyen Spirit also again express my song love song he sang on stage Hanoi. Dress with pink tones bring cute Idol 2010 proved extremely confident and comfortable throughout the performance.
One thing is quite special in the 2nd concert of favorite song , the song My dream expressed by Uyen Linh also received enthusiastic support from the audience. However, Uyen Linh has "abandoned the game", give her performances for different songs. 
The joy is evident on every face when Uyen Linh won the stage.
Propped on the tone of the young people sing love songs , Uyen Linh proved extremely comfortable and confident on stage.


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