Tuesday, February 7, 2012

U.S. embassies have closed in the capital Damascus, Syria, because of security concerns, while England has summoned its ambassador back to London to discuss the unrest in Syria.

Victoria Nuland, Foreign Ministry spokesman said the United States, President Bashar al-Assad has chosen "dangerous path" to deal with the uprising lasted 11 months. Despite closing the U.S. Embassy but is still "very close attention to the situation of escalating violence" in Syria.
Even on Monday, U.S. Ambassador Robert S.Ford along with all the diplomats and U.S. citizens to leave Syria. U.S. State Department issued a strong warning U.S. citizens request was in Syria to leave this country "immediately". Embassy of Poland will be the representative of U.S. interests in Syria.
U.S. closes embassy in Syria.
In the current context, the decision to close the U.S. Embassy may herald a change in policies towards Syria, after unsuccessful diplomatic efforts of the United Nations. U.S. State Department has long sought to maintain the Embassy to better monitor the situation in Syria, as well as establishing a communication channel for the opposition in this country.
Also on the same day, Britain recalled its ambassador in Syria for consultations on the situation. The British ambassador was expected to return to Syria soon after completion of domestic tasks.
Earlier on Saturday, Russia and China used its veto against the resolution condemning Syria at the UN Security Council UN. Resolution on the strong support of Western countries and the Arab League. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has condemned the veto by Russia and China as a "farce".
In another development, the opposition said about 40 people were killed after government forces fired shells into the stronghold of insurgents in the city of Homs. The images from that city in ruins after the destruction of the army's artillery round. However, Colonel Malik Kurdi, a spokesman for the Army said Syria freedom, this forces still control several areas in the city, but declined to say exactly the number of gunmen are presence in Homs. This character reveals the insurgents are still primarily defensive, but also the time to attack government troops.


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