Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The 23 year-old British designer Joe Massie took 170 hours to complete the colorful dress this.

The dress looks like it
His Joe Massie regarded art as a special gift to give the couple in love on the occasion of the upcoming Valentine. 1,725 ​​dress made ​​from flowers (including roses Mostly, in addition to chrysanthemums and carnations to decorate) and weighs more than 12kg was inspired dress "superheavy" of designer Stephane Rolland works at Paris Fashion Week earlier Performed in January. 
With the talent and ingenuity of His, Joe Massie - who won the award three times RHS Chelsea Young Florist (awards for designs made from flowers) - came out with a sexy model and sexy cocktail dress no khác Often appear attractive designs on the runway.
Joe Massie Design Your next special
"The design of this dress really is a big challenge, but an unforgettable experience for me cũng. I'm very proud of what They have Achieved. I hope People send flowers to loved ones Love Your fresh flowers in Valentine's Day" - Joe Massie share.


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