Friday, February 10, 2012

Long vacuum or by Ho Ngoc Ha Thanh Hang, but Thuy Tien and Ngoc Trinh again possessed three attractive not worse than what any supermodel.

Thuy Tien
Previously, vocal magic dream often gripes is like showing long legs, beautiful breasts ... However, since the universal dance step , the opinion stated, "Thuy Tien addicts show three". Despite its slender body shape, weak but Cong Vinh's fiancee increasingly attracted to within 1 full and 3 days as budding. Before the image can not be sexy than the Thuy Tien, a lot of that question, "Will she be modified to have an ideal body like that?"
Thuy Tien quite lucky because this attractive style really suits the music, personality and her people. But also by this change, many people often call her happy or Kim Kardashian Jennifer Lopez in Vietnam.
Thuy Tien had been many articles "type" is "addicted to breeze past 3". However, because she can not give up the costumes embraces the body, helps show off the curves of her sexy.
Thanh Hang
With three rounds balance is 80 - 60 to 90, star of brilliant kisses you always know how to stand out from the village back. In addition to updating the latest fashion, Thanh Hang is also daring to show off her sexy curves. The dress hugged the slender waist of Thanh Hang honored as three sexy she is lucky to heaven.However, sometimes, Thanh Hang also refresh themselves by the smooth dress or baggy clothes makes people feel facing new and very attractive.
Former supermodel Nam Dinh original three up to 90 cm, while the remaining two rounds of 85 and 58. Like Thuy Tien, The problems have been many rumors going implants butt pump ... but she never once acknowledged. In addition, she frequently the fishtail skirts or dresses that hug the three more prominent and more glamorous.
Before the secret to float earlier this month 11/2011, Vu Thu Phuong announced to leave the catwalk and film career to concentrate on fashion design work.
Ho Ngoc Ha
1m73 high and owns three rings are 84-59-89, before becoming a singer, Ho Ngoc Ha winning silver in the competition Supermodel. Referring to the charm, her sexy, there is so much to said. Ha Ho also aware that sometimes she still ... wild rumors that turn because lower natural for me: "One time, one rumor went aesthetics. Some days I wear a large shirt, did not see a ring where, they say I lean Bangladesh, to the day I hugging dress, people said Ho Ngoc Ha go get implants, then it is also rumored beating me ... cheek. To be honest, do not know what that line was ... "
Currently, people like to refer to Vietnam as mothers and charm the most discerning showbiz than a supermodel or talented singer.
Ngoc Trinh
2011 can be considered the year of Ngoc Trinh with enough success and numerous scandals. Nicknamed theQueen of internal medicine, western girls tricyclic property measurements are 85-58-91. Although not very high but through internal medicine images extreme hot, she obviously became pretty much the most desirable men in Vietnam.
Recognizing the weaknesses, strengths, Ngoc Trinh faithful to the type of map or hugging skirt to "cheat" in height as well as showing "collection curves" of his. Besides, Ngoc Trinh also has the advantage in clear white skin and innocent face.
Quynh Message
Property within three measurements are 85-62-93, Quynh Message winning votes in the contest Model Award in 2008. However, long legs are still referred to as a close friend of Queen internal medicine Ngoc Trinh more.
Among the long-legged, many people still have merit Quynh Message body types "hourglass" - upper and lower buttock but retain the slim, attractive. Knowing its advantages, she often appears in the underwear ad photos, bikini ... But in everyday life, she likes to choose the body-hugging outfit that people are paying attention to "regional" hot Quynh more letter.


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