Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This motorcycle has the power to 50 horse power, under the ownership of a Chinese man, with inspiration taken from the motorcycle in the blockbuster Terminator.

"Just love, you can turn the impossible into possible", that is a message that the Chinese men want to convey this to everyone. Always a fan of action films, especially a blockbuster like the Terminator , he decided his own homemade motorcycle "terrorists" gathered from all kinds of materials that I have.

Motorcycle is Top Secret "on" completely handmade with a frame "bunkers" and wheels from an old car.
Vehicles equipped with three-cylinder engine, 0.8 liter capacity, is taken from a Suzuki Alto, for a capacity of 50 horsepower.
Very large frame, but only one car seat only.
Taillights and exhaust pipes "do not touch" category.


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