Monday, February 6, 2012

During the war Afghanistan, Iraq or terror in Pakistan border areas Activities and Yemen, the U.S. unmanned aircraft have shown the Advantages and great power.

Thanks to the resounding performance in combat, unmanned aircraft was giving birth to an industry Actually vài worth billion dollars on U.S. soil. It cũng promotes a race in the production and manufacture of These weapons worldwide, Including the Participation of the national military power like Israel , China, Iran ...
Here are the U.S. military unmanned aircraft known:
Nano Hummingbird
As one of the unmanned aircraft are in the research program of the company AeroVironment, birds fly Nano Hummingbird is one of the outstanding products and the smallest. Produced by research contract research and development project management agency (ARPA) under the Ministry of Defense funding. They expect the aircraft operating under the style imitating the flight of birds can fly nhập images and supervised reconnaissance in urban environments to serve in combat.
With a wingspan of 16.5 cm and weighs about 19 grams, Nano Hummingbird bird flies will make the takeoff and landing Easily movements.
Photos by Nano Hummingbird bird flies move about.
Image capture expert on unmanned aircraft stood Abraham Karem Albatross Karem at the air base in Lake Forest, California. Mr. Karem R Albatross aircraft at His home garage, and the precursor of chúng Predator unmanned aircraft the U.S. military is being widely used around the world.
Puma AE
Puma AE unmanned aircraft developed by AeroVironment was studied and company.
These aircraft are Designed to thao on land and sea. It is capable of landing on land or water surface activity.Puma AE is Considered to be very solid and reliable. It can be taken away by soldiers very light and not necessarily support the take- off. Operate smoothly and not create noise, it can nhập information monitoring, reconnaissance and target nhập data center within a radius of 15km.
MQ-9 Reaper
MQ-9 Reaper is a "hunter-killer" Actually. Reaper is an unmanned aircraft for the first Payroll United States Air Force. In addition to be Designed to monitor sensitive targets on the battlefield and nhập intelligence, MQ-9 Reaper is a real Specialized with killer weapons systems are equipped with the two wings.
Due to armed size of large aircraft. So, it takes the 
ice for takeoff and landing aircraft as usual.
MQ-1 Predator
MQ-1 Predator unmanned aircraft is an air and used primarily by U.S. intelligence agency CIA. Initial reconnaissance design, this plane is equipped with very sophisticated cameras. But then, to better serve in combat, it was modified to carry missiles in service attack capability .
These aircraft have been used in many countries word such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bosnia, Serbia, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Somalia.
Global Hawk
Global Hawk unmanned spy plane is most modern U.S. military. It is Considered the wonders of American technology, with the ability to spy on a large area, fly continuously for 30 hours before running out of fuel and observe an area up to 100 000 km2 area, then recording goals.
The main tasks of this aircraft is to gather intelligence to support U.S. military operations around the world. In addition, the Global Hawk reconnaissance weapons attack targets more accurately cũng.
The aircraft was used in Iraq cũng and Afghanistan airspace, as well as monitoring forest Fires in the U.S..
Raven unmanned aircraft is Produced by AeroVironment Corporation. Designed to serve the Objectives of the reconnaissance, the aircraft can be folded and Carried in combat units.
With a wingspan of 5 meters can be folded and weighs more than 2kg, the Raven can be launched reconnaissance missions by hand.
RQ-170 Sentinel
RQ-170 Sentinel is a stealth spy plane's super-secret U.S. military. With angled design and radar absorbing paint, plus the U.S. military's quiet, it almost does not know much about this kind of spy planes.
Tuy nhiên, things have completely changed when an RQ-170 Sentinel was an accident and force Iran Revolutionary Guards captured. Immediately, images of this aircraft is broadcast widely on the mass media.


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