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Plus White WHITENING LCE with effective mechanisms and safety from natural, help condition brown spots reduced in size and less dense pigmentation areas.

n the treatment of melasma most important thing is to determine the cause of formation of pigmentation and the current status of the skin. When you have correctly identified the current status of skin pigmentation treatment process starting from the inhibition of foot fungus from the inside, the stable equilibrium external pigment, resulting in a perfect white skin.
Advice from beauty experts and dermatologists, you should treat hyperpigmentation from the inside by adding vitamins and other nutrients that are highly resistant to oxidation.
Safe treatment of recurrent pigmentation, Beauty,
LCE White Plus tablets are produced according to high quality standards of Japan, which features treatment of melasma, freckles and prevent premature aging from the inside. The main component of L-cysteine, vitamin C, natural vitamin E, vitamin B2, ginseng, seaweed, natural nutrients that will affect the operation mechanism and the formation of skin pigmentation, brown spots. In addition to strong antioxidant, this nutrient components also have anti-aging and restores youthful, firm and rosy skin.
In fact White Plus LCE with effective mechanisms of pigmentation, safe from natural, help condition brown spots reduced in size and less dense pigmentation areas. This pill will prevent convergence process pigment from within, and complement the nutritional anti-aging, your skin red light up each day and maintain freshness. However, when the skin has shaped tan pigmentation marks, there should be additional support from outside. Thus, the cream will treat external stains darken cleared to balance uneven skin pigmentation. This combination will result in reduced 30-50% after one month of treatment.
Safe treatment of recurrent pigmentation, Beauty,
Louis Victoria Extra Peeling Night Cream
Louis Victoria Extra Peeling Cream Night & Day Cream is a scientific collaboration between the components of herbal and chemical properties have been studied with the aim of bringing the maximum ability to inhibit the formation of melanin while enhancing change process new cells.Therapy is the combination of the destruction process - rebirth - to protect and maintain a safe skin whiter.
Safe treatment of recurrent pigmentation, Beauty,
Louis Victoria Day Cream
The main component is a combination product of vitamins fresh fruit such as vitamin C, vitamin E, beta carotene, selenium and natural pearl extracts.
Products formulated with combinations, and enhances their ability to regenerate new skin cells, just replace the damaged skin cells, bringing light are effective in all skin colors give you a pink skin after 4 weeks to use. Ministry of products suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, especially with the dull skin, pigmentation, freckles, pigmented stains, skin ngop obstructive hair follicles, skin hunters.
To best treat melasma, you should minimize direct exposure to sunlight, especially at a time of high-intensity ultraviolet light. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going out SPF of 30 or more.In addition, diets for people with pigmentation to supplement the food supply against free radicals substances such as Vitamin C, E, Beta carotene ...
Note: burnt skin from internal causes, also known as melasma or hormonal origin, treatment of this condition requires treatment to stabilize the hormonal balance in combination with the side effects of treatment external help remove the stain darkening co-pigmentation melasma. This dual treatment process provides efficient radical treatment of brown spots, hyperpigmentation and brown spots longtime endocrinologist.


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