Tuesday, February 14, 2012

As new information is published, Yekaterinburg nuclear submarine from Russia has been on fire at the workshop in December last year, when it is carrying the 64 nuclear warheads.

Astounding Information on the newspaper Kommersant Vlast published last Monday. Accordingly, the article said the crew did not dismantle the weapons equipped at Yekaterinburg that included workshops, including intercontinental ballistic missiles carrying nuclear warheads local small and medium-sized fishing along errors.
Strategic nuclear submarine of Russia's Yekaterinburg fire at the workshop late last year.
The newspaper said: "On that day, Russia has stood close to the brink of nuclear disaster worst human history caused by the explosion from the nuclear reactor at the Chernobyl power plant."
When fires occur, the Russian Defense Ministry said all weapons had been dismantled before a large nuclear submarine Yekaterinburg be put into repair shop. But newspaper Vlast said provisions is to dismantle the final decision but usually in the hands of the commander. The dismantling of weapons will be extended to two weeks should be able to make the exercise is expected to cancel at the same time leads to the loss of nuclear parity between Russia and America.
When introduced in 1984 and payroll, Yekaterinburg is equipped with 16 ballistic missiles carrying four intercontinental nuclear warheads each, with 12 torpedoes. Often equipped with nuclear ballistic missile submarines on the strategic elements only prevent but hardly used.
To reinforce its claim, the newspaper Vlast lead evidence Yekaterinburg train was pulling up to two nuclear arsenal of the Northern Fleet few days after the fire was not built. "The only significance of this move is to dismantle the missiles and torpedoes on board equipped Yekaterinburg," the Vlast wrote.
In addition, the newspaper also said they have evidence from "a number of independent sources from Navy leadership and the Northern Fleet," about the incident. As sure of the information that Vlast disclosure makes people think of a second nuclear disaster that Russia could face if the fire caused the explosion of a nuclear warhead contained within the submarine.
With a maximum number up to 64 nuclear warheads on 16 missiles armed with 12 ballistic torpedoes, no one anticipated what would happen if one of them exploded. It can be a disaster worst nuclear humans to imagine that its influence far beyond the power plant explosion at Chernobyl nuclear disaster worst history occurred 26 years ago.
Fires nuclear submarine Yekaterinburg is the worst disaster of the Russian Navy since the sinking of the Kursk nuclear submarine in 200 strategies do the whole 118 sailors on board were killed. Though not catastrophic, but nuclear weapons dismantlement and salvage of the Kursk's reactors have contributed to increased damage to the Russian navy.


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