Friday, February 10, 2012

The leopard had eaten 14 years old and she is suspected of eating a total of 5 persons, within two months in the village Pancheshwor Baitadi district, western Nepal bordering with India, as notified by the police, 9/2.

Deputy police commander Bishnu Bahadur Karki local said she had an error come and eat while she was cutting grass in the woods near the house. Locals found the body bite victims from the lower neck.

Asian leopards, and type of animals eat people in Nepal.
Earlier, police suspected had 3 girls and a 35 year old female is pregnant with the carnivorous animals. Mr. Karki said: "The report continues to spook Pancheshwor villagers. We recommend the district forestry agencies allows animals to shoot down but they refused, saying the law does not permit to do so. We are required to surrender this animal for the zoo was also denied. Meanwhile the villagers and the police arrested the leopard hard. "
Villagers said that the Indian side also had 3 people with this beast meat in recent times. She Shiva Singh Saud, the principal of a local primary school, expressed concern: "We dare not go alone. There will be more vulnerable if the cheetahs is not controlled immediately. "
Republica newspaper published in Kathmandu said last year there were seven people reported eating at Baitadi district. 10-2011 Last month, a three-year-old boy was reported in the village of Bella eating, central Nepal, Kathmandu is only about 40 km east of the village of Bella and 3 were reported eating only within 3 months.


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