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Somewhat portly beauty of old women in nude paintings famous Renaissance Italian artists were Anna Utopia Giordano using Photoshop "shaped trim" so close to the standard of modern women.

Renaissance Women often have good shape but somewhat portly, it seems that standards of beauty at that time. However, over time, standards of beauty of women in the 21st century was very different, and it makes the artist the idea Giordano "shaped trim" the women of the famous painting their naked Renaissance.
Picture Birth Of Venus by William-Adolphe drawn Bouguereau is on display at the Musée d'Orsay museum (left) and revision (right).
The hips, waist, chest, thigh Venus Venus in the painting Birth of Venus has been corrected to match the standard measure of well-known lingerie company Victoria's Secret. That was the ideal measurements that women today want to be. Therefore, the paintings become somewhat more attractive to beauty standards the 21st century.
The paintings of the artist Titian, Francesco Hayez, JAD Ingres, and many others have been selected for Giordano resized to fit today's beauty. In addition, the chest of the model was also increased while the hips revised for smaller.
Even with the eyes of a 21st century man, but the correction of the paintings has led those who love Renaissance art object. They call the paintings be corrected as "terrible" and the original should be respected.
Here are the famous paintings in the Renaissance was repaired by the beauty standards of the 21st century.
Original paintings Venere di Urbino Renaissance painter Tiziano.
And this is edited by Anna Utopia Giordano copies made ​​with the beauty standards 
of modern times.
Original painting The Sleeping Venus (Venus was sleeping) the artist 
Giordano's revision.
Original painting Venus and Cupid 's painted painter Diego Velazquez in 1648.
Works Venus and Cupid , after being edited.
Venus files playing with two white dove of Francesco Hayez (left) and the 
modified (right).
Original picture of Agnolo Bronzino painted painter in 1545 (left) and the modified 
A different picture of the painter Sandro Botticelli painted Venus Venus.
Anna Utopia Giordano's revision.


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