Monday, February 13, 2012

Fred Lidgren - an American teenager who has set new world record with 566,607 messages sent to friends each month, equivalent to 787 messages / hour.

Information about the young man named Fred Lidgren has set the world record for sending more than half a million messages per month are making a stir online community world. The number of messages that Fred sent to his friends in the news a month up to 566,607, equivalent to 18,887 messages per day, 787 messages per hour and 13 messages per minute.
Many people do not understand why this guy can send the message numbers so large, while another explained that he could send messages in groups with simple characters.
Also the huge volume of messages sent that Fred his phone bill is packed into boxes, not in the small envelope like many other customers.  
Telephone bills of operators T-Mobile sent to Fred Lidgren is packed into boxes.


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