Thursday, February 9, 2012

Besides the advantage of showing legs, playsuit also easy to make many stars "distorted face" because capital waist fertile.

Playsuit appear in the realm of fashion since probably jumpsuit craze is over. It is a variant of the jumpsuit, two pants are cut much shorter. The advantage of this costume is to help believers fashion show swallow long legs. If you cut out the additional delays in the neck and back will make the wearer far more sexy.
Not only that only, also offers Vietnamese playsuit than short skirts in the narrow road of accidents.Therefore, many people turn a beautiful showbiz from racing to super short skirts super short playsuit.Because of the advantages that allows users craving showing off their sexy and avoid non-market that has a time, many celebrities hit the "grind" as this outfit. They often use on stage, in the event.
However, not playsuit absolute safety is not convinced as people think. Advantage by showing next to the legs, easy to make the wearer playsuit "distorted face" because it's hard mask is less slender waist of the employer. Meniscus ring structure from the bottom seam to make the stomach vulnerable to swell for 2. Not to mention if playsuit hug too close, no points, the person wearing the waist almost pried apart the two sides.Of course, sometimes engraved crystal playsuit believers are part of the second round oversized.
Can not know by accident or was so interested new fad test sample at a celebrity without tasting bitter fruit processing because of the oversized waist. Maybe one day they stick suspected case "bump" because the wrong outfit.
In the first two concerts of "favorite song", which took place on the night of 5/2 in Hanoi, Luu Huong Giang wearing short playsuit to show off legs ...
However, the wing has the opposite effect when "accused" within two of her not very ergonomic.
Thu Minh is also a "crush" on stage playsuit.
 And many times she was round 2 of "enlargement" of this world.
 Even Yen Page also revealed abdominal prevent blurring playsuit with delicate nude colors.
  Not only "dominant player" with the last red playsuit and ... wrinkled, Phuong Thanh also reveal shortcomings asymmetrical shape.
 Britney Spears not to hide his waist with a black playsuit.
 With a stout body quite like Christina Aguilera, she should stay away from this tight-fitting clothing styles.
 Kelly Brook sexy develop obesity because of the wings.
 Up to 2 feet long design standards such as Eva Longoria (pictured) and Cameron Diaz (below) still were "bad" round 2 because playsuit.


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