Monday, February 13, 2012

The most combative steed as Toyota Land Cruiser, Mercedes-Benz Jepp Laredo or 290GD of off-road clubs have to offer Hanoi also offers dirt roads muddy losing approximately 13 km in the territory of Son La province.

Last week, the steering wheel of Off-road Club Hanoi has also set off to conquer the muddy road from Muong Lum to the Comparative (Son La), is expected to be extremely tough and challenging. Whatever brought the best steed combative, but ultimately lost to the mission offering deep muddy roads, resigns turning back. Here are some pictures of flight "new year" prickly, hard but this failure:
Off-road teams stop in Moc Chau town before you start conquering supply from Muong Lum muddy path to the handover.
The good war steed as Land Rover Defender ...
Suzuki Grand Vitara ...
Toyota Land Cruiser life ... 79.
Convoys gathered before starting to provide land line.
The Land Cruiser receives leading duties.
Jeep Laredo next ... ...
Began to conquer ... the same street.
However, only about 500 meters, the Suzuki Grand Vitara (left) had problems and had damaged threads to stop.
The other steed continued journey.
Land Cruiser gets bogged down and lead to drop anchor to winch up.
The Land Cruiser then pass up and save "Mec G".
Mitsubishi to ask for a new drive through muddy track.
Mitsubishi other ... but bogged down and choose to go back, abandoning the journey.
Railway land from Muong Lum on to the Church for about 13 km, but the first day, the delegation moved only about 3 km.
By evening, all four groups only remaining steed, in which the "Mec G" died due to insect and the Land Cruiser pulled slowly back.
Before that, the other steed turn back to seek the same street too difficult to move forward.
At night, four steed of Land Cruiser, Mercedes Benz 290GD, Mitsubishi Pajero and Jeep Laredo turns out to save another. 12 midnight, the group stopped moving after he was exhausted and waiting for help.
Monitor turns one of a kind of Mercedes-Benz 290GD: between supply muddy road, thanks to a cable tied to the tree on the mountain, the Land Cruiser cable car turn tail "Mec G" dramatically.
After a day and a night of sugar 3 km from Muong Lum Collecting turned into porridge. 4 steed was finally pulled out and ran straight to Moc Chau.
 After a half days wrestling with muddy road about 3 km, the car wash before the delegation returned to Hanoi.


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