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Model curve "fatal" that his men need to understand enough of sorrow, share the difficulty of her trip in each career step.

About family
- Born and raised in a family full from the breakup of her parents, Trang Nhung the sisters lived with his mother like? Her mother would have to be a very powerful woman?
- Yes, my parents divorced when I was born, I grew up surrounded and raised by his mother, she is not only the mother but also a father, who loved you so, psychological and comprehend understand their children. I learned at her bravery and courage to live, whether that is how difficult struggle, my mother has always been strong head high. Until now the two sisters are happy with my own family and children alert and wise, but I'm still single, we all know self-sufficient, with bravery to confront many difficulties in life This thorny. Perhaps because of family circumstances should not be small full we have learned the truth that life is suffering there will also be happy, there would be tears of laughter ...
- So your page assessments of how other than mother and sisters?
- I update events, social opportunities faster than my sister, my character is also open, more confident because of her environmental work for me in contact with more people. I value my daughter is the most modern of the house.
- Love of the page for artistic influence from anyone?
- All seems are unexpected and random, can not I ever thought I would make a model, actor or even as upcoming artists. I like the look of small, like to watch and observe, and then the opportunity to, and I thought maybe it was karma that I have to pursue to the end, he gave me the best sun stature to be able to operate art, what I need to do is to work hard anymore, because art is now an essential part of my life.
- The beauty of the page for anyone that is inherited from?
- I suppose it is because his parents were born and heaven bestowed by him, but I have the same mother more.
- Page Nhung spent much praise for her mother, she can describe some features about his father?
- My father was emotional, it features his best. I do not want to bring about a tormented past my parents for the breakup of two people, but family life has been formed for me a solid perspective on marriage, I believe in the power of compromise , the "fasten soft crackers," and I believe in grace debts.
- What is the guide of her whole family live?
- "Wisdom rock satisfy outsiders, chicken with a different mother Hoai stone."
Current life
- Life of the page for the current can be described like? She is happy with what they're doing?
- My life is now full of joy, full of plans for the future. I'm very fit and enthusiastic about everything I'm doing, because the road is concentrating on music, I dance and vocal training intensely every day, the rest was pretty busy with their images page, but the catwalk and large events.
- Her petty habits?
- I start the day with the check mail and read newspapers online, and have a habit of retaining even the smallest gift from others, the gift that I remember most is a heart-shaped bouquet that I was to received on Valentine's Day five years ago.
- My father died, or if something goes wrong images reveal breasts, Trang Nhung how to overcome the mental challenge that?
- The departure of the father is a big loss to me, but also the arrangements of fate for him. There are things to lose then it will be eternal, and I always keep between yourself and him an emotional cord blood as a miracle invisible value to be cherished.
Incident noise exposure of a scandal in the industry, many people look at that and for that I will have to be very crisis because of it. But indeed, in life there is pain on the inside of the heart without the public knowing, and the pain that much greater. I liberate yourself with a smile and a look ahead.
- The project is open every sour cream (frozen yogurt) Yofana of the page for that success? She was confident in his ability but business?
- It's just time to try a little business but my favorite has to relate to beauty, or a new field and that such surprises. I see business as an art and art is a form of business talent. Both need to rely on his legs and his brains.
Artistic point
- She has been dreaming of flight attendants, but later abandoned, but the singing and that she was going as planned, the investment will be passionate about what percentage?
- I like but not love that job, quit his job as flight attendant I was young, aggressive, not like the work heavily principles. But now I have more clarity about the direction his career and also more aggressive to make the story you want.
- Multi User - what affordable is aiming to reach Nhung page?
- I just think you have to do what is possible when I was young and fit, so the latter need not regret a moment.
- Page style outfit priorities?
- I usually choose clothing youthful style, but on a black background to highlight his white skin.
- Type the character that she like to play?
- A measure of the talented cast is diverse in acting, I want to try all kinds of evil or even gentle shoulder, each time to study to enter into a role that is when I have the opportunity reflect and contemplate more about people and life.
- She likes to show the song what style of music?
- Personally I prefer the quiet ballad sad, because it's easier than inspiring, singing and listening to music so I see beginners and light life much easier.
The dating
- Memories of love of the page for what?
- For me, the tears fell in love is a sweet memory.
- Mother Page Nhung affect decide her lover?
- I influenced her views believe it our fate. My mother does not interfere too much romance, because she trusted me enough to feel deeply and selected men in her life. I need a man who loves himself and his family again, even though it may sound simple but not easy to find in life. My man needs to understand enough of sorrow, share of the difficulty met in my career step by step. My man should love my mother and mother born in mind that I was built for him.
- On the form, point on the male body makes NOTICES page and find attractive?
- Charming man always impressed me, because for me they are confident and charming. I also like a man with a warm hand, because as he felt the warmth from their hands, I could also feel the love they have for me.


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