Sunday, February 12, 2012

The couple stood naked without ceremony before hundreds of guests. The wedding ceremony was held in the morgue only two of the big day unique is listed below.

A. Nude wedding
Certainly there is nothing like Phil groom Hendicott when his wife nude before 250 guests. Many people believe that the bride was "politely" wear chips on stage, but in reality it is just painted pants. Ellie Barton has hired expert body-painting "design" unique to her pants.
Two. Weddings in the air
The wedding of Sandra and Jeroen Kippers was held at a height of 50 meters. 20 guest of honor is seated on a special chair with safety belt absolute. Funds to organize the "wedding flight" at about 25,000 pounds.
3. The bride wore wedding dresses 200 meters long
Probably not much more expensive wedding bridesmaids as any in Guangzhou, China. Xie Qiyun dress to 200.8 meters long and weighs 100 kg. In that great day, Xie Qiyun must raise a total of 67 bridesmaids.
4. Wedding in the supermarket
For those who are Christians, most weddings are held in the church. Not many exceptions, which must include couples and Satayut Ellies Drew. Their wedding took place in the middle aisle of TJ Maxx stores.Hardest day is probably the photographer. He had to wriggle around the stalls in the supermarket to capture the most valuable images.
Five. It costs 99,999 roses for the wedding
Xiao Liu was very surprised when Xiao Wang groom to welcome her car covered with roses. Where only that, even all the cars in groups are also put on a "shirt" red, create a special mark on the streets of Chongqing. Total commissions that he has brought cotton is 99,999 and this has led to tears when the bride and groom promise to give her the most romantic wedding.
6. Weddings in the morgue
The wedding only a few days will take place, however ill-fated groom Kevin Lavell lost their lives at the hands of the prisoner escape. With boundless love, Michelle Thomas is determined to marry the dead ... in the morgue. IN WITNESS WHEREOF your friends and family, announced on behalf of the groom exchange wedding rings for Michelle and she is wearing the ring for her late husband was lying in a coffin.
7. Marriage in the shark tank
Title bravest couple would probably have awarded April Pignataro and Michael Curry. Between a herd of hungry sharks in the aquarium at Atlantis Park, this couple gave each other rings.
8. Exchange rings has recently cycled
A Russian couple who love bicycles have decided to hold a wedding-style environmental protection, the bride and groom wedding attire and the guests with his bike around the city.
9. Many post wedding bridesmaids
A bride in Ohio set a record with more than 100 weddings can take her bridesmaids, was held on 06.11.2011. The bride is a teacher of the school which teaches dance and her students called her the bridesmaid. Instead of holding a bouquet, then the bridesmaids should only hold a flower.


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