Friday, February 10, 2012

New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen was 2 of the 10 potential donor has contributed the most in the U.S. in 2011.

Last year, the total amount of 50 charitable contributions to society have the most up to U.S. $ 10.4 billion, according to statistics from The Chronicle of Philanthropy, higher compared with $ 3.3 billion by 2010 .Below is a list of 10 billionaire has spent more money in charity last year:
A. Margaret A. Cargill
The donation in 2011: 6 billion. The benefit is organized Anne Ray Charitable Trust and Margaret A. Cargill Foundation.
Margaret A. Cargill was born in 1920, died in 2006. She was to inherit the wealth of Cargill, a privately held company founded by his grandfather in 1865.
Two. William S. S. Dietrich IIWilliam Dietrich II
The donation in 2011: $ 500 million, the organization received this money is Dietrich Foundation. He also spent big money people donated to the charity of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University.
William S. Dietrich II born 1938, died in 2011, is the owner of Dietrich Industries, a major steel producing companies world-class.
3. Paul G. Allen
The donation in 2011: 372.6 million for the organization Paul G. Allen Family Foundation and the Allen Institute for Brain. 
Allen is co-founder Bill Gates of Microsoft, and is the founder of the Vulcan institutional investors.
4. George Soros
The donation is 335 million USD in 2011. Total assets of the investors is the financial genius is 22 billion, according to the Forbes 2011. The amount of USD 335 million for George Soros funded Open Society Foundations organization.
George Soros as a financial investment famous Americans. He is chairman of Soros Fund Management.
Five. Michael R. Bloomberg
The donation in 2011: 311.3 million. The organization received funds from the mayor of New York is the art units, charities ...
Michael R. Bloomberg is mayor of New York City and owner of Bloomberg - financial corporations big news of the U.S..
6. Raymond G. and Ruth C. Perelman
Ruth C. Perelman and his deceased wife, Raymond G 2011 has contributed 227.3 million for the University of Pennsylvania - where he Ruth C. Perelman studied. In addition, his wife Ruth C. Perelman also used the money to build the Raymond and Ruth Perelman School of medicine.
7. David and Dana Dornsife
The money her husband David and Dana Dornsife he sponsored in 2011 was $ 200 million for the University of Southern California. Also, previously, this couple also donated to other organizations.
David Dornsife is now chairman of Herrick Corporation, a corporation specializing in steel production.
8. Robert E. and Dorothy J. King
The money that billionaire husband Robert E. and Dorothy J. King Stanford University sponsored a U.S. $ 166.5 million in 2011. Couple this rich billionaires do not have exact statistics on existing assets, but is famous for its charitable activities. Robert E. King is the founder, owner of Peninsula Capital Investment Group in California.
 9. Arthur G. and Margaret B. Glasgow
Although the couple had died since the 1950s but in 2011 they are still one of the largest U.S. charities. $ 125 million of assets were used to finance the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Virginia Commonwealth University.Arthur Glasgow is known as the co-founder of the engineering group Humphreys & Glasgow.
10. John and Julie Mork
John Mork, CEO of U.S. Energy Group. The graduate of the University of Southern California. In 2011, he funded the University of Southern California $ 110 million, as a gratitude for the school has trained her.


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