Friday, February 10, 2012

Perhaps when the image is sexy in a white ao dai bounce, Miss Vietnam unforeseen events severe enough to back this.

Last weekend, 10 photos titled: "Dress the spring breeze stroke - than Mai Phuong Thuy Ai" was released to the network. Images emphasized artistic beauty to the woman, not to promote or share pictures Analogy for a dress, the dress in real life. Images made 4 years ago, 10 are in this photo series shows that Mai Phuong Thuy as a model for the ao dai Vietnamese Hung designer, scheduler has received much appreciation of photography family photos with names, as well as the recipient, by the art of it. Images of women in the photos shown by Mai Phuong Thuy has also created sublimated feelings for artists to draw pictures. These paintings have been brought auction, then used the proceeds to charity.
Many days, the crew of the Miss and implementation are under pressure before the disparaging words. To appease public opinion, on 7/2, the former Miss Mai Phuong Thuy has written an apology letter sent to the press. However, the Miss penalty is unavoidable. Even Mr. Van Dong, director of the Office, MOCST spokesman, confirmed that the Ministry of Culture - Sports and Tourism (MOCST) and agree to support the stripping of the title Miss Mai Phuong Thuy .
- The panicky before the image of spring breeze stroke Mai Phuong Thuy in mourning dress of thin white peach is somewhat suggestive position. What do you think when they see pictures of Miss World 2006 as?
- Of course it is not so, I'm not advocating that. Regarding the penalties, sanctions the ministry is drafting a decree to manage these things. But we still not have a Government decree. But the influence of habits and customs so they do not support. This year was a breakthrough year as well as very strict Ministry of things like lip syncing, lightly clad, not in accordance with habits and customs ... so definitely not in favor of the Ministry.
Files netizens most pressing
- Many readers of this picture that has elements of "sexual process", as "tarnished" image gown Vietnam. His views on this how?
- That's right. But now the hard thing is we do not have financial institutions to handle.
- The regulations for the organization of beauty contests, beauty, Beauty is written: Candidates in the title contest, if there are violations of law, ethics violations cause adverse impacts on society will be Duke honors. According to him, if this applies to Miss Mai Phuong Thuy is there unjustly?
- Now no specific remedies, who now say they have been drawn where. But that is hardly a title that is due after each contest BTC BTC dissolved immediately, and for us as state management agencies where there are contests held there. So do we now that it is more difficult. Therefore there are many problems that still should not be handled.
The policy is not in favor of such things, the Ministry strongly condemns such things but to handle the secret to the end, the Ministry is yet to be processed.
 Another photo of Mai Phuong Thuy objectionable
- What do you think the proposed public stripping of the title Miss Mai Phuong Thuy?
- The support and consent to the stripping of the title Miss Mai Phuong Thuy. But now that stripped of the title of Miss Mai Phuong Thuy, I dare not claim to be stripped of her title. By regulations prescribed by its own people who recognize that they forfeit. BTC which is recognized but when they finished, organizers disperse then who is responsible? Now we are the State management agencies is the decision maker does not recognize her as Miss Duke, we suggest right. In this regulation, any recognition he or she is deprived.
- Mai Phuong Thuy also voiced that these images have helped her raise a notable amount to charity.He said that to charity as "marred" shirt so long as there should not?
- What you need something like that. We do not support.
- Do you have comments on trends varied costumes of the traditional dress today as we can wear jeans with long dress, long dress with a deep cut to expose the chest, or wear long as the smooth, thin tang?
- By now they just follow the movement, something beautiful is to maintain the beauty of it but now he is just so varied it is not. This is a very long story, let the scientists, designers their desk, State management will not discuss it. I also want it to diversity but the problem is that it is crowded or not supported, or it is appropriate for cosmetic habits or not, the process that must be considered. Longer protection than stopping people where there now are prohibited. So the draft has 3 years now and still not out because there are many different opinions.
- The costume tunic showing the beauty of traditional Vietnamese women. However, images shy girl, discreet in ao dai is increasingly eroded, while still saying that we need to preserve and conserve it.As a manager what he thought?
- To prevent the first we have to do propaganda work, encouraging their beauty is not forbidden is forbidden, we do not have the form cam.Va MOCST Decree of the Government which is passed until then, it may be a legal basis, which is attached to the specific form of treatment.


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