Friday, February 10, 2012

Most likely, the new tablet form of Nokia will take inspiration from its 800 smartphone Lumia and running Windows 8.

Files on a device is said to be Nokia's new tablet has been posted by a blogger named MSNerd quickly spread with a dizzying speed. The credit for the technology is also rapidly making their own predictions. A number that will be designed products inspired by the Nokia Lumia 800 - smartphone is said to have designed the most beautiful in the world today.
Some others said that the image has similarities with Nokia Booklet 3G netbook that the company unveiled at Nokia World 2009 and this was a deliberate joke. However, according to information leaked recently, the possibility of alliance Nokia - Microsoft launched a brand new tablet is very high.
Once there, users are absolutely right to dream of a tablet Nokia luxurious Champagne champagne color, the outer shell is made of durable polycarbonate plastic, while the computer screen will also be ClearBlack AMOLED anti-glare technology and running Windows 8.


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