Monday, February 6, 2012

A beautiful mothers I unveiled her husband enjoyed the hit girl group today as SNSD, KARA.

Last weekend, the actress Kim Hee-Sun by chance a guest in the program Entertainment Relay - ON-AIR Star KBS aired. Here, Sun Hee Kim shared her daily life.
Kim Hee Sun in the program Entertainment Relay - ON-AIR Star aired last week.
Kim Hee Sun has been married five years, she shared with the audience rather interesting story about her husband: "Before marriage, my husband said I was the most beautiful women, but five years later, it seems he is enamored of the girl group ".
The actress continued: "When KARA and SNSD appeared on TV, he started to direct people on TV, and I have to drag him back."
"I hope they will all quickly promoted abroad" - Kim Hee Sun joked. Coming beautiful mother a child will come back to the small screen with historical drama Faith .


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