Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"They were good friends but not ready to play or fight someone just because-the name in front, behind on banroll. Many People calling her names in showbiz word such as shrimp fish", Ho Quynh Huong Revealed. 

- She seems? To change more than two years ago?
- Life is still only so, but there cũng People must be time to change but. Do you believe in a long time recently I did not read the paper online or not observed showbiz life? I think the simple things again, clearer, I researched more, pay more attention to Buddhism and I'm vegetarian. Really, my life was very Different.
- People only drastic changes - like her - to meet the major events in life. And you "Suddenly changed" mean?
- There is a truth that I Want to tell you, 'even though it's quite incredible abruptness and, that I have been happy too one day. It's true. I can be happy, be happy days at the start but the end will be back as sadness, anxiety, insecurity Strikes. Sometimes I ask myself just too sensitive to do when that joy is denied? And then I sat and thought, I've been a long life filled with word such sorrow is half a lifetime is not supposed to Maintain a persistent life boring, tedious and as so much concern? I find it so Unfair. Why do I have to squeeze to plunge into the Their best work, make money like moths to buy the land, the house that excitement soon took hold papers for sure it was not her long-term residence.
Ho Quynh Huong was shocked to witness verbally names two artists as diverse as fish shrimp backstage
I then put myself in the race, the treadmill, heart primary person, more Responsible person, and lots more. I feel tired with a rotation, with the jumble, Sometimes almost depression. I must escape, and I certainly have done so. I now really does not care much about someone else's story, with so much indifference, concentrating on His Life, Especially my mental health. I love life of calm that I'm stoked. I am happy with what chúng. It sounds easy to Achieve but believe you me, there is an insider if you can see it difficult to give any.
No friend in the world
- I want to care about her feelings while sitting on lotus in concert "Colors of Ho Quynh Huong," Guan Yin Bodhisattva Transformed into, then you have fear?
- No, I do not really worry that much because-I Understand a sentence of Buddhism is: Everyone has the Buddha nature in people. Buddha said that not only the Buddha is the Buddha that all beings can if you believe that Buddha trở These actions by good direction. na Say it just as you follow her dream of doctors, you have to act theo to the school and the school is to teach Buddhism, too, you are a student, listening to what the Buddha taught the position of a teacher. I am learning and act theo word such things. I was lucky to find yourself a way out, a bright way to quiet your mind, to ease life for Which I am more mature.
- Just saw her sing it on, never saw her appear at any event with a guest. She was not enthusiastic or not anyone invited or because-the level is too low-paid?
- You are the first direct question to me about it and I will answer That I was not very straight. As a child I was like, in the only two sisters to play together. It is Also Possible by my house when I was little compared poor, I can not go out with you to drink the cup of sugar, or just to see this, buy that sundry other gifts. Then, as started His career in Saigon, I was Fortunate to integrate the lives of artists. First, I Also tried a couple times but then I found I could not be rated by the manager that helps you make changes.
She was not up to the event to take sand - another good move as many as can not stand ... People trade there Muskmelon
Or you also can ask Germany Duy, a designer and close friend of mine, once I go about the event but I can not stand, can not breathe 'even nominally nên early. If I stood on stage and if the crowd is khác made ​​me stand on the guests, said the innocuous story I find myself. 
- But apart from that reason is the nature of her, reasonable she can clearly see that in the matter of her job, things can not get the jokes in the more love or hate each other down, so she more Determined to "say no to integrate "?
- Perhaps cũng by a comparison. I recall the early days I cũng beginners to sing, sing when it was lined, I have witnessed the incident but did not speak, could not Explain why it Happened like that. There are players who are Licensed together as a pod, where to go and have another famous well known but may be just a tiny backstage story that because-They were ready to curse aloud to each other in the audience can hear under.They were good friends but not ready to play or fight someone just because-the name in front, behind on banroll. Many showbiz cursed word such as fish shrimp, I sat there listening me down show They have a reasonable understanding of Their image in the public eye and how beautiful They now treat each other like that. Because of that, I have no friend in the world.
No longer afraid of the wrinkles
- She is a very balanced life. But truly entering the age of 30, she cũng Fears Probably getting old when every day you?
- I Understand one thing, beauty is the beauty twenties to Their parents but the beauty of the woman at the age of 30, 40 are cultivating beauty and Their Own Self-formation over time. The experience, the serene beauty That I created. I know one thing, at this age, I can not as beautiful as the girls spill sap tension in the spring so I have reason to fear when They understood the problem. Only two years ago only, I was alarmed to see his face with wrinkles, her skin is no longer beautiful, but now to me it's not longer important '. I had forgotten that I have cũng His age and not afraid to grow old.
Finally, Ho Quynh Huong choose ... This alienated the non-market
- It must She also knew being a composer Ha Dung bank conditions. And khi These hard times like that, do you have to reciprocate what the musicians that have helped her start in the arduous days?
- As I said above, so long I do not go online so I do not know about that situation. Plus, if I have to worry concerns what is useful because-now cũng around Ha Dung Also a lot of People waiting to be worried of that . furthermore, I am afraid to talk about cũng the stories of musicians because-we long ago, I Mentioned the name Ha Dung for sure what he or someone was happy. furthermore, I am just a regular artist with enormous problems of His Own, then I can help anything.
One more important 'thing, Ha Dung story with a very old story then, People also have to have a life ahead instead. After me, Ha Dung cũng had another life, but now my turn to come. I'm not angry or burning function People Remind me when I Understand use that is because-because-of habit, but cũng For those in the know for the things I just said. I am a girl and I need a life of its own like any other girl.


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