Thursday, February 9, 2012

With the title "Vietnam's most expensive smartphone", the phone's 3G Hkphone H7-time was more consumer choice and attract great attention of the technology community in Vietnam.

H7-3G Smartphone talk much on the technology forum recently.
Compared with smartphone rivals reach 3.9 million, H7-3G Hkphone proved superior hardware. Processed product was good, using the Android operating system version 2.3.4 smart, touch screen 4.3-inch capacitive touch 5 points, 480 x 800 pixels for crisp images, camera 8 "dots" beautiful photography and filming clips at 30 frames / second smoother, support advanced 3G connectivity with video call function. Typically the PowerVR graphics core used the reputation of Samsung 5 Series, played well the famous 3D game by Gameloft. Furthermore, the distributor also offered customers a pin and a plate affixed to save screen against fingerprints, allowing users to connect 3G, push mail, web surfing, reading text files and listen to music all day .
Hkphone H7-3G has incorporated many entertainment features such as camera height 8 "dots", listening to music, watch movies, surf, play heavy 3D games by Gameloft.
One of the most important factors H7-3G Hkphone attract the attention of the community over time is calculated on the price-performance use. These factors are not currently keep up empty. Besides being the "catalyst" other important systems of Hkphone showroom presence throughout Vietnam, technical support thoughtful, good warranty ...
In one of the largest technology forum and most prestigious Vietnam today is, statistics in categories related to Android products showed that the topics discussed are accounted H7-3G overwhelming amount.Continually update the community and share with each other and features of a smartphone application or this cheap.
Statistics show that the topic of H7-3G always turn participants view and overwhelming.
Members nhocmedoco81 very pleased Hkphone warranty service and called it "the biggest surprise ever, never appeared in Vietnam". Meanwhile, Color85 after "vóc" machines than 2 weeks have commented: "The application runs smooth, full HD gaming play 3-4 hours a battery ... not all machines look better than direct view photos and video, run applications faster and smoother, surfing pretty fast, watch videos and photos are very sharp ... ".
There are also members share a very sincere and humorous saying "Let's be real fun using H7-3G, but you are enthusiastic winter, this account many PC users may not be genuine to be well." This shows that not only the expensive products can create communities, H7-3G Hkphone demonstrate the power of community structure is real products bring value to the consumer use. H7-3G is testament to the "principle" of Hkphone is to give consumers with the products of Vietnam "minimum amount - the maximum benefit."


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