Tuesday, February 14, 2012

(Zing) - Mother Nature has incentives for People not only where food, shelter, Recreation room, "thoughtful" Love Creates the ideal island to Unleash a loving couple to express feelings.

Small island in the Adriatic has trở focal point in the Annual holiday of love by its shape. A heart lies in the ocean is where many couples want to express love to your Valentine that not only are all the days of the year. It is also known under the name Island lovers.
Island in heart Polysesia Tupai, France situated Between the VAST ocean.
Green Heart in the ocean blue in Whitsundays, Australia.
Heart Island in Palm Beach, Crete, Greece. Proudly standing Between earth and sky, the island as a symbol of eternal love exists before the turbulent storms.
Heart Island green leaf color Vaza-Barris River, Brazil. These trees grow on fertile Alluvial silt Between the river Gave love this island a vibrant blue.
Okavango Delta Islands in the heart, the Republic of Botswana.
Island of love appear after ice covers Datteln, Ruhr, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. unusually cold weather across Europe has created wonders These beautiful, the heart gồm celebrate Valentine's Day.
Coeur de Voh Love Island in New Caledonia, Oceania.
Island on Lake Kleine Mueritz love, Pomerania, Germany.
Especially love this island are Scientists Discovered on Mars, after satellite imaging probe surface and send the Red Planet to Earth. Love this paradise was Discovered in 1999, but perhaps it takes a lot more years to couples That Are Able to express this love.


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