Tuesday, February 7, 2012

An employee of a company's security information technology in Hanoi as the culprit attacks have made the company's website WebScan Bkav network security.

The investigation agency has determined the attack was made of the object from his home in Hoang Mai district, Hanoi. This means that people use to carry out attacks on the two laptops have been sealed off for investigation.
At the offices of Police Department Crime High-Tech C50, before the evidence can not be denied, subjects were admitted violations. Police agencies are continuing to investigate the objects related to the attack.
According to Colonel Tran Van Hoa, Deputy Police Department Crime High-Tech C50, recently, the serious network attacks signs of increase, growing cyber crime causing great influence on social Assembly.
Before that, from morning 2/2, hackers attacked the website system Bkav network security company, leaving a file with the "hacked :))" on page WebScan.vn, an offshoot of Bkav website . COM.VN. This has caused a stir online community.
4 years ago, last month 10/2008, Bkav websites also been attacked by a botnet DDoS. Object caused the attack were arrested shortly thereafter.
Under Article 226a of the Criminal Code, the offense of illegal access to computer networks, telecommunications networks, the Internet or other digital devices will be fined from 20 to 200 million, or imprisonment from 1 to 5 years.


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