Monday, February 6, 2012

Italy's capital city of Venice is known as the "city of love" by the tranquility and romantic, as well as where the ceremony is unique carnival held every year.

Once a year, the city of Venice residents and visitors alike all over the world eagerly await the festival dressed with splendid masks, costumes and original music from the band constantly outdoors throughout the streets of Venice.
Began to be held from the early 13th century but this festival really Became famous in the 16th century and scale. Taking place on the occasion of February each year, the festival Brings peaceful moments to town very busy and cluttered Venice.
The masked men near Saint Mark's Square During the Annual festival is eagerly awaited people.
The colorful costumes, the masks are picky People Licensed into use.
The Accidental or intentional whether where visitors to Venice on the occasion of the festival are Immersed in the player union ceremony.
The costumes in celebration of pages worth up to Thousands of Euro.
Many People attended the ceremony in a black dress and white mask mystery.
Look at the masks, is easy to see the demand period of the selected wear them.
Those who attended the carnival in Venice were gathered on St. Mark's Square.
Attending the festival, visitors cũng been raised as to the past when the old life was watching the Participants reenact costume festival.
Venice city to live again in the past hundred years ago.


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