Friday, February 10, 2012

Mermaid alleged perpetrator threatened the workers and caused two water tanks built projects in Zimbabwe can not be completed.

Mermaid is said to be the culprit slow progress in construction of two lakes Zimbabwe. (Illustration)
As announced by the Minister of Water Resources Zimbabwe, the mermaid had not hunted for their workers and working in two projects to build the lake. Minister Nkomo alleges that mermaids threatened workers and that they dared not return to work. Two projects built reservoirs are located near the town of Gokwe and Mutare.
According to Nkomo, all he had sent to staff working in public schools swear they will never go back there.The only way to solve this problem is to cook traditional wine and perform all the necessary rituals. This will encourage the spirit of the workers and persuade them to continue their work.
Mermaid is the only creature in mythology with his people and is embroidered fishtail centuries ago. Belief in the existence of mermaids and other mythical creatures are still very popular in Zimbabwe. This is the country that religious people have just Christians believe in the traditional faith. Although some people were skeptical, but some still believe that mermaids usually hovering in the lake.
According to Minister for Urban Development and Rural Zimbabwe, Ignatius Chombo, the country's population still live below $ 1 per day. People will have a large demand for water, but they only accept water when fully implemented the traditional ceremony.
Meanwhile, some Africans said that mermaid is an excuse to use the Zimbabwe government to delay their projects.


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