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60 works are drawn by way of fantasy art has erected the image of the character history of Vietnam has recently close to imposing modern life of the young.

These are paintings depicting the historical character called Hero Vietnam , is the meticulously polished, with clear captions. These works are the members of Viettoon (forum of creative people who love art in foreign countries) and manners, revive national pride, a love of the young country.
With concern of a spirit of love to encourage use and promote the historical background to the international community, Kha Hoang Vi, founder of Viettoon said: "It makes Vietnam so people around the globe pride and foreigners will be more careful when judging something, from the East. For example, when looking at a character they know that it is the hero of Vietnam and not some Asian countries other. But Viet Toon alone or alone writers, artists can not afford that, what is important is the sense and the strong response of more people. "
He added: "Rather than criticize, criticize, we want the Vietnamese community in the country and around the world work together but do not boycott. Or do better, do better. If each of us know this is their responsibility will guide our children and grandchildren slope, and foreigners know more about Vietnam. For the future, if a comparison, the generation of Vietnam will use the full image of Vietnam " Indomitable as Tran Binh Trong, "" intellect as Nguyen Trai "," beautiful as Kieu Nguyet Nga ".
The same view a few works in the Vietnam hero with specific comments by members Viettoon implementation:

Dinh Tien Hoang - Dinh Bo Linh known military talents at an early age was put on a show riding a buffalo fight. Paintings by way of fantasy art with the idea to ride a buffalo and flag photos attached to wipe Dinh Bo Linh. Picture also want to offer ideas divinized heroes in Vietnamese history.
Le Dai Hanh Le Hoan - Drawing fantasy art way. He had collected an army custody (Cross director generals) under King Dinh, so picturesque with the context of military hero team. The dragon appears above the guidelines for the rise of a Vietnamese Dai Co. The flag taken from the mascot was created in the temple of time and money money Le Ly.
United Ngo Quyen Ngo and battles in history on the Bach Dang River. Paintings by way of fantasy art style and the perspective of the new comic. Y borders are based on a number of posters and imagination. Hand area with a mean punch: will preclude any invasion.
Khuc Thua Du Hao song and be instrumental in administrative reform and lay the basis for future independence. The clothes of the two objects drawn in at the temple.
Tran Quoc Toan hand crushed oranges when not attending the conference in senior military calm.
Trai Nguyen Minh City after the military victory is peacefully guard post for "Binh Ngo Report" famous. Paintings by way of fantasy art. The words written straight to the sky as the natural line directory. Context is a real image of the cliffs where loose Chi Linh Lam Son Minh routed army. In competition there and tree snake cloth case suggests to "Le Chi List" of his later.
Ho Quy Ly and the Ho Nguyen Trung. Age of the Lake is known by the new reforms and especially the invention of the cannon (artillery fire improvements) and crew neck long (large two-story boat war).
Dang Dung under the moon is an image sharpening swords odyssey in history and poetry (poem Hoai his famous Art) Painting way modern comic perspective. Body Image and robust beefy Dang Dung described him not only the martial art which was a good idea but also urged Vietnam to document martial arts.
Quang Trung Nguyen Hue was marching to invade enemy Tet Thanh (dig branchy North) matches the empty fame of the Tay Son insurgent army. Nguyen Hue image drawn by the image that remains mobile.
Admiral and Mrs. Tran Thi Tuyet Lan - his name is Nguyen Van Tuyet, a famous general of the Tay Son, Vietnam. He was listed in the same time, the Tay Son generals lost tiger. His wife is also a good martial arts. Both are under the Tay Son generals. Fantasy art paintings exit phase of the couple dance generals for this Marshal.
 Nguyen Anh Gia Long - how unified the country after long years of arduous war, civil war. Paintings by the picture of him. Use the context of the city because he made the capital of Hue in Hue (reduced prestige of Thang Long) and the country map in his reign. The word Vietnam is the country name from his tide that far.
 Hoang Dieu in the deadly battle to keep Hanoi. Di images used in his paintings.Ministry of Health of the Nguyen Dynasty armor remains in museums. France beat the Hanoi scene adapted from a painting of the French history books.
 Vo Dinh Tu, a tiger in the Tay Son generals lost. He is also known by using insect talents really good title should be called "Con Tu Vo Dinh Spirit." Redraw the dance scene he had gotten wet thug named Nguyen Anh's army when his forces attacked.Does not commit an arrow into his body. Y y thyroid gland based on the worship of the Tay Son generals tigers.
 Painting titled Continuing with the image of a soldier Tran dynasty treasures handed sword inscribed "National Security Space exception" to a young age today.


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