Thursday, February 9, 2012

While the handsome staging kimchi "roaring" back face "of benefit harm" than the old, the female beauty was "emasculated" without mercy.

A. Jessica (SNSD) in Wild Romance :
Land stormed the small screen but true dragon festival in 2012 was not entirely golden age for "ice princess" SNSD "rock crosscourt." Even in the first try at playing movies, beauty had "distorted the face" when the script "went to" the voice "hinted" that her character is a loose woman, easy.
Tell, this information is not very much unjustly because obviously, played by Jessica disrupt the interrupted love story "is still healing" of the pair of main characters. Manufacturers have you forget one thing: girl group fan, fan boy of her extremely large, which has many crazy fans. So the result is spoiled crew suffered numerous "name space, friendly fire" from the fans.
"Wind waves not through, other crash struck" when not promptly for slander on "the screenplay sink grown out intimate details" too far "between Kang Jong Hee (Jessica) and Park Moo Yeul ( Lee Dong Wook). In addition, the neighborhood also had the opportunity to "hot hand" add a few episodes when Wild Romanceofficial "dim to dock" into the Jess character of psychological problems (Jong Hee Kang disease problems bipolar disorder - a pathological emotional disorder).
Consequence of the times "dim row" to describe the crew's beloved woman is SM Wild Romance had to get right "judgment" super-let-flat rating. Even guys who love Lee Dong Wook poor also suffer from depression because of scenes with fine.
Two. Han Ga In in The Moon Embracing The Sun :
The Moon Embracing The Sun is a great movie on the whole not only for the MBC, it also marked the maturing of the beautiful acting Han Ga In. However, as the film circuit after that climax, dramatic than the "suffering" of female shamans WOL (Han Ga In) also increases in arithmetic progression.
Typically, in episode 9 aired last week, viewers have the opportunity to "re-crest" because the young king's punishment Hwon Lee (Kim Soo Hyun) for people in a dream. Ignore any explanation of WOL, Lee Hwon still cold soldiers ordered her arrest. Charges of deliberately approached the king with malicious intent, female shamans were thrown into dungeons. Even punishment for the girl "looks pretty dangerous" is being stamped hot iron on the forehead and face the risk of being driven from the palace.
Fortunately, the situation did not occur on. Partly because I want to highlight Dr. King's love love it nor heart to the beautiful and ugly scars to the face, the screenwriter for Lee Hwon "wake up" at the last minute.However, both the long and still not willing to recognize each other so fans of "the rustic beauty" still "live in fear." Hopefully in the near future, the crew Embracing The Moon The Sun is not because the 50% rating dazzled dreams make that "go" more beautiful.
3. Jung Ryeo Won in the History of The Salaryman :
As a work marked a return to the small screen after a long "silence" of a beloved woman but known History of The Salaryman no luck again flourishing as ancient works of MBC. But suffer from "compression" of such a great (previously Brain and later the Lights and Shadows ), but the film's "beauty of native land" has attracted an audience of relativity. It can be said, the initial success of the History of The Salaryman comes from the "dim multitude of goods" that actors typically Jung Ryeo Won.
"Exit correct" from the role of young women "a good home," the lady of Ryeo Won Yeo Chi is immensely funny pointing gesture plus the classic voice "sour as vinegar" soaring . In particular, as the later, the unpredictable evolution of the beautiful native land trend steadily more ragged audience "flat eye eyes" shock-don't-ask.
Typically, in episode 5 aired not long ago, the boss's niece Cheonha group has just naive arrogance with this life had to beg the salt. Fall into homelessness, living nomadic wandering to evade the police wanted to Yeo Chi means to give life in velvet so long. Her misery culminated when she plunged into the wheat surplus gobbled drive people away and put the noodles were insulted, even down to the top of the pasta water.
To repay the merits "sacrifice himself" the beautiful people mercilessly, History of The Salaryman 's move was snapping at its "response". The latest episode has bad ratings "climb" up to 15% milestone - a relatively high figure compared with the average.
4. So Ra Kang in Dream High 2 :
Face of the latest beauties to join the army was "dim row" beauty is none other than Kang So-ra's hit musical drama Dream High 2 . The only joined Kirin art school for 4 episodes, the "te tour" of her is not "you poor poor children."
Right from forming officially announced the cast, fans have not laughed so fine human face of Kang So-ra shoe. The result is the time to film, his wife, "they" Super Junior's leader has made many silly to ignore the audience.
Girls were cast as "very way" Hae Sung, So Ra showed bravery when her own haughty idol Riyal (Ji Yeon) moves to the same room. No one is who, both burst into "Oanh" each day during the first meeting. The consequence of this battle Hae Sung stick "freight" rolling back, blood streaming nose. Lost, the victim had to run to room teacher for asylum Tae Yeon.
Currently, the are in the process should start Dream High 2 is only temporary so emasculated Kang So-ra.But according to its own sources, turn the other school's fine arts Kirin will "to cutting boards" at all. Initially, most likely due to falling transport the beautiful T-ara - Ji Yeon will then turn to Hyorin, Kahi ...


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