Monday, February 6, 2012

The scooter is capable of carrying 12 people, weighs exactly 1 ton and can run over 400 km new needs recharging.

The street limousine which has always been the means of the rich, but recently, an electric car maker from China has changed people's perspective when introducing an electric scooter-style model limousine for users of "commoners".
First appeared in an exhibition held in Anhui Province (China) in November last, this new electric car has been widely introduced to the public, the dynamic range up to 400 km for a full charge.
The scooter was 4.7 m long, weighs exactly 1 tonne and is capable of carrying 12 people. China Manufacturer Lanbei said vehicle based on the actual advent of personal vehicles in China is growing at a rate that can not control.
Therefore, they want to launch a car may have been used for many, but also friendly to the environment. It also made no secret ambition to export this unique scooter model to the European market in the near future with prices around $ 23,500.


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