Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's 14/2 more welcome in many parts of the world, but in some countries such as India, Iran, Indonesia ... who love you be prevented from showing couples love in this very special day.
The Iranians will be very hard to find a gift of his love Valentine's Day 14/2, because since 2011, the government has completely banned the production of gifts, cards for Valentine's Day, as well as organizing the holiday.
Going along with the prohibition of "Printing and producing any products related to Valentine's Day posters, leaflets, cards, heart-shaped boxes, heart symbol, half heart, flower red as well as whether any promotional activities. "
As a country with 70% of the population under 30, Valentine's Day has become increasingly popular in Iran.It also opens a potential market for ultra-producers of gifts, greeting cards and Valentine's Day.
The ban on public holidays 14/2 to show Tehran's hard-line, to prevent the spread of Western culture to Islamic countries. In addition, strict Islamic law of Iran does not allow unmarried people who are close to each other. For those who deliberately ignore the ban, "the authorities will take action to apply legally."
Although the government does not have any formal ban on Valentine's Day, but many politicians fear "western fever" will cause more impact on Indian culture. The head of Sri Rama Sena-wing parties in India said they would organize protests outside the bars, clubs, universities and colleges plan to celebrate Valentine's Day.
In addition, the head of this party also called on Valentine's Day is alien to Indian culture, while the western fever. The celebrated this feast is considered indecent, and imitating Western culture would "damage the children in India."
Uzbekistan authorities have an unofficial ban on romantic activities to celebrate Valentine Valentine. News agency RIA-Novosti quoted Russian the local media said the Central Asian countries announced cancellations of concerts and activities celebrate Valentine's across the country.
This is not the first time Uzbekistan expressed opposition to Valentine's Day love. Last year, the actions to ban Valentine's Day has also been deployed across the country which are mostly Islamic.
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia has banned for everything related to Valentine's Day, including the warning if the shop owners sell gifts and merchandise related to Valentine's Day.
Sources published in the Los Angeles Times said the agency implemented the national religion is supported by the Ethics Committee for Promotion and Prevention is taking measures to combat the threat is on the variables, such as Valentine's Day. Accordingly, regardless of any items related to this holiday as flowers, gifts, candy and even red items are prohibited from selling.
However, the ban has also created great opportunities to make money for the shop owners risked breaking the law. The price of a red rose from $ 1.3 has just been increased to 8 dollars in the Valentine's Day, because there are very few shops selling goods dare symbolize love. Despite great interest, but the shop owners are at risk of penalties if authorities found.
Many of the country's provinces have decided to ban Valentine's Day love, by the suspicion that they can lead to promiscuity. In addition, Mosques and schools will be responsible for advising citizens about the holiday and the reason why it is not organized by the Muslims.
Furthermore, the Islamic authorities in Aceh, Indonesia's special territory also called on Muslims not to imitate others, and to respect the customs and culture of its own. In addition, we were concerned ceremony love could enable sex before marriage, it is strictly prohibited in Islamic law, to spread.
Islamic authorities in Malaysia has issued a regulation to ban Muslims celebrate Valentine since 2005.Accordingly, Muslims must stay away from activities to celebrate Valentine's, make arrests and who willfully violates this order.
Like many other Muslim countries, the Malaysian authorities fear the organization will create Valentine dissented, and especially the sex before marriage, it is prohibited for persons Islam will become popular.
In fact, the national organization banned Valentine mainly Muslim or Hindu. Apart from the above countries, many countries and territories have similar conditions prohibiting the organization also conducts holiday lovers 14/2 by concern "Western culture" will affect their country.


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