Wednesday, February 1, 2012

 a Toyota into a Ferrari F430 or a Porsche Panamera Nissan are among the projects of the Most Impressive car in the world.

Collection of the Most Impressive car of this world by not focus too much on luxury cars to the "plot" at the discretion of the owners are Billionaires đó emphasizes creativity and unique Factors changing the image of the vehicle đó Companies use.
Rolls-Royce Phantom
Many People will mistakenly think this is a Rolls-Royce shares, pen essentially it is "high" from a second loss Phantom coupe. To get a beautiful pearl white Phantom classical style, its owner Spent about £ 28,000.
Porsche Panamera 'roadster'
Everyone knows no Porsche Panamera Roadster version, pen in Tokyo last year's exhibition, visitors were not from shocked to see a Panamera convertible. đó It turned out a product is "high" from the Nissan 350Z.
Audi R8 limousine
Although only on the "desk", pen the project launched a stretched version Audi R8 has attracted numerous Attention from car lovers worldwide. đó Property styling long ngoang any opponent Respect must always, the "Audi 8 seats" is still capable of Reaching speeds over 300 km / h and accelerates from 0-100 km / h in 3.8 seconds, making it the world's fastest limousine.
"Ferrari F430"
Executive Modcar Trendz - the company from Mumbai, India, has implemented one of the Utopian project turned into a Toyota Corolla đó Ferrari car. From a distance, one can hardly Recognize the Toyota design by bunkers and water features of Ferrari red paint and the wheels pretty cool. Moreover, Customers only have to Spend about $ 22,000 to get set off His Ferrari for a Toyota.
Ferrari F40 limousine
F40 is one of the "legendary" in the village car world. In 1987, it is the first car to touch mold 320 km / h, and after a limousine version of this car appeared in India, people ngay default it is one of the limousine publications the world.
Mercedes SLR McLaren 999 Red Gold Dream
The car is owned by Swiss businessmen - Ueli Anliker - has caused "frantic" pace of the believers in the world, When it appears and nhiều magazine Awarded the World's Most beautiful car. The highlight of this car is Covered with shells and add 600 gold 24 carat ruby. Ministry of wheels, lights and doors are Also Covered with 24 carat gold with a total value up to 5.4 million. Tuy nhiên, it Kept pace "Crisis" up to 338 km / h. The car was sold for $ 11 million in late 2011.


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