Monday, February 13, 2012

Along with mustard yellow tones, she's sure to make the fashion world by storm in the spring - summer 2012.

Is defined as "blue unsaturated" cobalt often feels somewhat cold and distant. So when wearing a suit bearing the colors of this, it's easy personality and become stronger.
Cobalt blue began to storm the international fashion scene since early 2011 and until now, it continues to be the most popular colors. Is not difficult to understand when most of the famous faces of Vietnamese showbiz these colors are enthralled. Very religious cobalt skin, especially those who possess white skin short. 
Besides, this blue tone color is also considered "easy" as possible with full colors ranging from red to white or black ... These tests also interesting that girls become more sophisticated and glamorous. However, you should also be noted when using tones of blue make-up. Canopy are delighted at the eye in three different green tones will help you complete the beauty and perfection.
She 9x sophisticated as Diem My course can not ignore the color of this song. She owns numerous jumpsuit with cobalt blue dress personality.
When a party or luxurious minutes simply fun with friends at the theater, Ocean Cam Lynh always know how to choose the base color dress accordingly.
Combining the three hole base color dress with a white dress, Thuy Tien suddenly gentle and very sweet.
Mothers most discerning Vietnamese showbiz can not be ignored of course colors are very popular this. In a music event in Vietnam not long ago, she appeared with her original jumpsuit audience were shocked to.
The blue dress as help honor Jennifer white skin pink.
 Minh Tu Supermodel impressed with exclusive dresses from color to style.
Ngo Thanh Van is a fan of this color long ...
When you need classy, ​​she likes to combine her original blue chemise dress with flowers submerged legs in black dress ...
At personality, her confidence shirt blue pants with pink chemise.
The dress was a birthday present that friend - stylist gave Tang Thanh Ha Tuyen Quang. The combination of the different blue colors make her seem more slender legs were long and free man than ever.
Thanh Hang also like the green tones combined with the white stuff as Thuy Tien.


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