Thursday, February 2, 2012

During filming, Chen Baoshan dream girl with torn pants, running the network and Ngo Thanh Van being chased and cast spells on people.

Ngo Thanh Van has temporarily away Saturday art after her role in trapping the Dragon with Johnny Tri Nguyen from 2009. But Tran Bao Son - a film business - each participating role in the fateful intersection of director Victor Vu. This time, they cooperate in horror house in the alley of director Le Van Kiet children are curious attention from the many scenes and whom you.
In the latest scenes clip was announced, the audience laughs with belly swimming scenes such as Baoshan dream girl with large communities torn, or Ngo Thanh Van with a belly dance. She took an ax to the chase and dive Baoshan, the scenes are extremely hot room the couple took that as real food.
The film genre dramatic psychological, built in the context of talking about middle class of modern Saigon.
The tragedy happened to a young couple when they lost their first child by the wife miscarried. Back home after a long time in hospital, she was tortured because of the great loss, she started to act weird. Also during this time, the house they live also start to have incredible change. To everything can return to the old, the husband tried to help his wife through this difficult period, but seems that all attempts to make things increasingly worse and worth more afraid. When things get beyond control, the couple was forced to fight together to save their happiness and resolution of the mystery in "house in the alley" before it's too late.
The house in the alley by many experts to post-Hollywood. Film techniques used by those who cooperate voiTruong Yimou and Jackie made. Post-sound work in Burbank, California, the same place as the famous horror films like The Devil Inside , and The Grudge . The group made ​​the music house in the alley has been working with projects such as film familiar Fringe and Batman . The film will open in theaters on 14 / 2, the occasion of Valentine's Day.
The house in the alley in the U.S. post-construction

 Baoshan Chen dream "of girls" with big pants torn decent bar.
Ngo Thanh Van ax, "visited close" Baoshan Chen.
Ngo Thanh Van Be the first belly dance filmmaking.



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