Friday, February 10, 2012

A chimpanzee in Japan has been called the "genius", after it completed a test on the computer memory for better results for people.

Chimpanzee Ayumu also remembers the location and order of the numbers on the computer better than humans.
Ayumu was born and raised in Kyoto University, Japan. Chimpanzees can remember the location and order of a set of data in record time. During a recent test, the sequence glance appear on the computer screen, it only takes a short time to remember the entire sequence, winning all those involved.
Ayumu is learning every day at Kyoto University. In this session, chimpanzees will be rewarded each time it correctly answer test. However, it is not the only monkey with such intelligence. Christmas last year, a charity has called for the donation iPad orangutan play. Monkeys can also watch videos and use painting application on smart devices.
According to BBC , humans share 97% DNA with 99% with orangutans and chimpanzees, there is perhaps no surprise that their common interests with people.


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