Monday, February 6, 2012

She also regularly appears the glass to copy, cover the face of his beautiful capital. 

Since the Vietnamese to set foot in showbiz today, Ho Ngoc Ha has confirmed the very personal style and their special properties. Not stopping there, she was to maintain this level continually receive compliments on how beautifully dressed, stylish.
Ho Ngoc Ha special is that she was not too picky, salt wash, but in any occurrences which she also created the impression perfect from outfits to accessories. Long legs away items that favorite song is probably the stylish sunglasses. When I sing, at shooting fashion, or simply pose the minute "happy self" or to judge for any competition or walk around with friends, she often fancy glasses. It is a mark of style Ha Ho and it also helps her fans support was "recognized first sight.
Ha Ho No one knows how many glasses of ownership but clearly we are in the form of effective and very stylish, individuality and originality. Along the past few glasses Ho Ngoc Ha is the most used:
Cat's eye glasses retro style is a popular movement's most grave tone of fashion. Ho Ngoc Ha is not the exception. She not only in the cat's eye glasses fashion photo ...
... that when participating in these events, she also appeared with this unique pair of glasses.
Hermes portable pair of glasses with Chanel. Ho Ngoc Ha was fond of to glasses.
When set, Ha Ho regularly wore dark glasses. Property elongated oval face, voicefilled with nostalgia with many different glass designs.
Former supermodel seems to stem Quang Binh is a fan of Chanel so she owned not a few glasses of this cult brand.
The square shape ...
... to style soy colorful news ...
... or variations of the legendary pilot style glasses ...
... Ha Ho did not lack any kind!


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