Monday, February 13, 2012

A man in England are the rescue workers condemned after toxic wearing panties, crawling on the glacier to save pet dog stuck.

The man took off all his clothes and cattle near the river ice to rescue dogs.
BBC quoted a witness said the man had fallen in the river Stour at Dedham, Essex yesterday, but then the dog escaped. Who witnessed the incident, Paul Wenborne, describing it as an act of brave but stupid. Wenborne said he was shocked to witness the man's actions.
"I was with two friends, and we could not believe what I saw. He stripped off map, wore only panties, and then crawl to the middle of the river freezes. When the dog nearly 1m, he fell, but caught the dog and put it on ice ", Wenborne said. "He then swim about 1-2 meters, and then crawl to drier soils and dressing. That brave act really stupid. "
Essex rescue team confirmed that they not be notified about the incident. A spokesman for Essex rescue team said, action saved the man's dog is extremely dangerous.
"Although this ice looks hard, but they can be as thin as eggshells. If it falls into the water, the victim was trapped under ice and only survived a few minutes ", an official warning. "People should not chase the dog on the glaciers. No need to risk their lives to do so. Normally dogs can ensure safety on the frozen river and back to shore, while people can not do that. "


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