Thursday, February 2, 2012

After one week holiday, We started back to the treadmill of work. The first days of spring weather seems? Also getting warmer.

And this is the time for the sisters to replace cotton shirts, leather jackets, or jackets to rough, bulky costumes with more elegant, more attractive.
Mezzanine jacket leopard prints are fashion, combined with tight black dress make you more attractive workplace
The early spring weather is suitable for you to make the short Skirt without stockings. Just outside wearing a thin jacket and accurate color schemes Actually đó The warm boots have high heels thế
Thin leather jacket or cardigan girls are Also very popular in the spring weather. The day to "change the wind", will be cold, We can combine all slim pants and boots with Short Skirt
 Austrian trench coat dress spread legs combined with a very particular charm
When you want to mix long gown with a skirt, remember rằng length of the skirt must be greater than the length of the jacket
Jeans youthful, dynamic for girls prefer the comfort
+ Long Slacks coat - a very elegant style map Coordinate with the office environment



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