Monday, February 13, 2012

Would be expected in major ground combat, destroy the target fixed and mobile enemy, attack helicopters WZ-10 is expected to bring new strength to the Chinese military.

Built in 1990 and developed at the Institute of Company 602 and Changhe Aircraft Industry in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, WZ-10 although not modern by AH-64 Apache helicopters from the U.S., but it promises to play a important role in modernizing China's air force.
Although production is planned and built in 1990, but to date 04/29/2003, the first flight of the new WZ-10 was made after much delay due to difficulties in engine design .
The weight of combat helicopters WZ-10 is 5543 kg. The plane has a length of 14.15 m, height 3.84 m and 4.25 position widest m. WZ-10 has four main engine propeller made of composite materials. Diameter of the blades reach a length of about 12m.
The two wings along the fuselage length 4.32 m, allowing to carry 1,500 kg of weapons, including 8-to-ground missiles, anti-tank missiles, a 23mm machine gun mounted in the nose of the helicopter.
The electronic equipment and monitoring of WZ-10 can be produced domestically. In addition, the WZ-10 is also equipped with infrared tracking system, which it is capable of operating in all conditions.
In addition, the WZ-10 is also equipped with global positioning system GPS, radar, optical connection directly to the pilot cap, making aiming and tracking targets become more efficient.
WZ-10 is made of special composite materials, able to absorb radar waves, reduced risk of detection in combat.
Glass cockpit of WZ-10 is designed to stop 7.62 mm rounds, while the armor under the cabin design is resistant to fire rounds of 12.7 mm plane. In addition, under each seat pilots have launched the system in case the pilot should exit.
The planned upgrades WZ-10, it plans to equip the new type of radar, fire control systems and systems to prevent detection by infrared emission from the engine. According to unconfirmed sources, the first batch WZ-10A was equipped for the Chinese Air Force.


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