Monday, February 6, 2012

Just like Rolls-Royce China Dragon Edition, the Aston Martin super Dragon 88 version will be produced exclusively for the Chinese market.

Aston Martin DBS is one of the three models were selected for "plot" for Dragon version 88.
The Chinese market seems to create a strong attraction for luxury car manufacturer in the world, when all Rolls-Royce back to Aston Martin for customers decide where the "gift" luxury.
Late last year, Rolls-Royce launched the new Rolls-Royce version Phamtom China Dragon Edition with the million dollar price, but just over a month, all 33 cars have been put into all clear, in that two bearing number 01 and 02 to be due to an extended Vietnamese ordering.
Until now, the other a car company decided to "plot" for the Chinese market of performance cars in the Dragon 2012. Accordingly, the Aston Martin will be named the Dragon 88 (which means Dragon Dragon, and number 88 is considered a lucky number of Chinese people).
The words in Chinese Dragon 88 is attached on the doorstep.
Moreover, Aston Martin allows customers to choose one of three model DBS, Vantage Virage and S to turn it into the car version of the Dragon. According to an internal source, will have 88 units are produced for each model. This will have a total of 264 units Dragon 88.
The specific details on the Aston Martin logo Dragon 88 include "Dragon 88" on the threshold, the Aston Martin logo is handcrafted 24 karat gold on the hood, the engine and the rear.
Regarding the paint, the customer will choose three colors is purple quartz, volcanic red and champagne colors, while the interior of the car was "parcel" with three separate red, plum and brown. The Dragon 88 Aston Martin will be introduced at the exhibition held in Beijing in April, price not disclosed.
Dragon logo embroidery on headrests.
Three interior color that customers can choose.
Aston Martin Logo in gold is 24 karat.


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