Monday, February 13, 2012

Not only launch a 9-inch tablet form new, Amazon also plans to upgrade the Fire 7 inch Kindle model currently in the middle of this year.

Amazon Kindle Fire is considered a pleasant surprise of 2011. Immediately after the official launch, it quickly gained a foothold in the market thanks to a certain design is "comprehensive" and super-cheap price $ 200.Only in the 2011 holiday season (Christmas and New Year), the company has sold six million units, making the Kindle Fire selling tablet PCs on the market Monday after iPad 2.
Although not equipped with camera and microphone as many other Android tablet but scored Kindle Fire in rugged, simple to use interface, web browser and a separate storage of digital content which is extremely rich strengths of the Amazon. Thus, it is the first choice for the believers of the product line cheap tablet.
Entering 2012, the company plans to ship up to about 12.7 to 14.9 million tablets, including 9-inch version coming soon. Much like Apple, Amazon's new products were also kept very secret until it was officially announced. Therefore, the information about version 9 inch tablet has not been disclosed.
However, the trend of the current market, do not exclude the possibility that, Amazon will equip the tablet of his new quad-core chips for powerful processing speed along with dual cameras for applications on filming and taking pictures. Estimated selling price of Kindle Fire 9 inch version is $ 250.


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