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"Luckily, he also has time to go through and his duck boat by boat back to shore to call it rescue, pulling the boat on. Of course, on the other plans and more pathetic is that since that day she did not see his face again, "sighed recalled Chinese Valentine's Day" unforgettable. "

Cu "falling horses" remember life

If Valentine is the day thousands of couples expected, Nguyen Minh Trung (23, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi) is an exception. Not only because he is "going to a ball" ... that China still haunted by the single "falling horses" cry smile two years ago.
The perfect Valentine had a perfect plan, did not expect China to encounter scenes "cry smile."
There is, Chinese love with her classmates remembered stealing the University has an entire year, but dare not speak. Valentine's Day that year, under the encouragement, urged by his friends, he determined to confession.
"She's a very romantic girl so the week before Valentine thought he had a headache so plan a romantic confession. But always think any plan is feasible. Find themselves scratching their heads hand, these guys would make a good friend "advisory board" determined separate themselves from "suffering single meeting."
After a stroll around town dining, location "decision" as the West Lake. I will invite each other and she went ... bike duck. Between romantic, with vast waves and smog shy romantic table, only two people, I will draw a rose (vocational training under the clip on the internet magician) to propose to her. With that meeting you plan to make sure her "difficult to resist" him, her and nodded.
Really hard for the last I begged and invited her into going out for Valentine's Day that year. Both outing schedule is set. The restaurant and venue you choose us pretty good, she also proved fun. I was secretly glad to just "monitor decision" is taken away her bicycle ... duck is finished.
At that time also was late afternoon, I hired a duck and theater auroral "latent plot." However, looking at people is gentle springboard ducks and romance that, somehow just two more than 2 meters from the shore bike has a dry sound chain "branches to" listen very uncomfortable. Was that at that time against the wind so it heavier.
So instead of relaxing fun conversation to "lead" to the confession he had set dozens of times for skillfully, both bikes had to duck lips. Been a while, then her tired feet, a bike has its own sweat spots, but told myself to try again a little stop and start the "main task". No doubt, has been a commitment to add more text then ... stuck chain.
Yes mam sauce environmental benefits, the boat is unable to failure transfer, off-shore back in place so no one is calling. Now both of them started to worry. Needless to say, she worried how stem tangerines. Funeral dark sky platform, then she sobbed, his face ... lest ... scolded her, and so on.
Luckily, he also has time to go through and his duck boat by boat back to shore to call it rescue boat pulled into. Of course, on the other plans and more pathetic is that since that day, she did not see his face again, "sighed recalled Chinese Valentine's Day" unforgettable. "
Valentine's Day called "lost love"
Unlike men Minh Trung, Trung Quan, he "youngest" of Sao Mai 2011 does not choose to do on Valentine's confession for fear if rejected on the holiday of love will stick bite "black love". So the days before Valentine guy to propose to her longtime friend who is also Army "tragic memory thief".
In that year, Army Studies 10, to have a beautiful gift he had saved his pocket money for months to buy a gift you would love it. Hi auroral prepared very picky, beautifully wrapped with a card very sharp odor.
However, sick dread is just before the Army to ask his girlfriend to go to the Army ... through counseling. The number is, the girl also "secretly in love" guy hot boy at school. Needless to say, the Army and the inadequacy of any disappointment. However, he still have to smile to "think plot" to plan for her confession.
The Army guy and a lovelorn memorable.
"Valentine's Day that year, the Army is extremely sad, and is lì inadequacy of the room. Also sad take weeks, but then, although not too fast because the lover but the Army and she remained friends. And emotional for she still said Army alone forever alone.
Brand new song called Army's upcoming "One person I always seek" and expressing a part of the "failures" was memorable. Also send gifts to your love and you're looking for your happiness. And please keep your happiness respectfully.
Valentine "crazy" because of persistent boy ...
3 years have passed and her hot girl My Hang, Miss Facelook 2010, it could not forget Valentine Year 11.
Capital is she pretty, study well, a lot of boyfriends Hang with the notice. T. is also one of the "tree si" thing.By Valentine's Day, get your phone Hang T. asked her busy? Just guess the guy's intentions, the answer is going to play for your team. The guy said, Every little later will come forward and then hung up.
Normally, every year just go Hang on to 9 hours but because word "intimidating" the other, so she deliberately to 10.30 new home in order to avoid his presence si love that. However, just about to close the gate he saw "looming" came out with a bouquet of flowers to stand and a box of chocolate on hand.
After getting all emotional courage to say so long for the Ganges, the guy leaning on her hand bouquet and cake boxes. However, no feelings so determined not Hang. Thought that was done, who is easily the guy who stood out as the sun and power plant ... Hang begged receive gifts, whether in love or not.
Use interminable half-hour, but persistent guy still did not stop there. Not only that, he was loudly ... threatened: "If goods do not get home I will burst into the Ganges parents send you."
Anger too, but look at what he does not seem to be joking, Dun & Bradstreet, burning function in the water holding gift. Until then take the new guy.
So far, her students are still welcome University of Commerce Valentine with the girl group "happily single".Sometimes there are gifts he pursued a holiday of love, but Hang protection to the "persistent cry" as he si love in it, the result is "one of a kind."


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