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There are many cases of twins born from sticking together when the head, abdomen, ..., while the rate of surgery is split into two separate individual success is very small, but there are many miracles happened.

A. Angelica and Angelina Sabuco
Two girls from the Philippines when Angelina and Angelica Sabuco laid bonded together at the chest and abdomen. After a period of preparation and monitoring, the doctors decided to separate surgery, return to normal life for two children. The surgery lasted nine hours have been very successful Children's Hospital at Stanford University (USA).
Two. Hassan and Hussein Benhaffaf
The surgery lasted more than 14 hours with the participation of more than 20 doctors have been made to separate the boys of Ireland. Liver, intestine, bladder and pelvis also split, requires the concentration of crew performance. The surgery was successful beyond expectations, however, the two boys are missing a leg and will be capable of fitting prosthesis in the future.
3. Maria Paz Paredes and Jose Maria Navarrete
Doctors Chile has successfully separated the stomach, chest and pelvis of two twin sisters Maria Paz Paredes and Jose Maria Navarrete surgery lasting more than 18 hours. About 100 people including 25 surgeons involved in this stressful surgery. But either he did not keep their lives after they are separated.
4. Rital and Ritaj Gaboura
After spending four complex surgery at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital (London, UK) two girls Rital and Ritaj Gaboura have a normal life like other children. Before surgery, the skull of a twin stick. This is considered a rare case where the probability is 1/10.000.000 births. Therefore, to separate these two girls is not that simple. However, doctors have made a miracle and is considered one of the most successful surgeries in medical history.
Five. Trevor and Timothy Bainomugisha 
5 month old twins were successfully separated at birth are conjoined thorax. After surgery, the doctor is closely monitoring the development of Trevor and Timothy Bainomugisha.
6. And Fiorella Rocha-Arias Yurelia
The parents of the twins was very painful to see her two daughters were born normally. But now, her mother Maria Elizabeth Arias can smile happy and Fiorella Rocha-Arias Yurelia was Packard Children's Hospital successfully separated.
7. Clarence and Carl Aguirre
Bonded head, two boys born on 21.04.2002 Filipino since birth was the boundary between life and death. In 2003, Clarence and Carl Aguirre was brought to America with hope miracle will happen. The doctor was on the top. Finally, after many surgeries, two boys had an independent life. 7/2008, both were able to go to school with their peers. To protect the head, Clarence and Carl must constantly wear a helmet.
8. Lakshmi Tatma
Do twins have not yet fully developed, should live on the Indian girl born in 2005 were anomalies with 4 arms 4 legs. Many locals also said that Lakshmi is the goddess Lakshmi Tatma "re that." A more expensive surgery $ 200,000 was held with participation of leading experts, including 30 people to separate the kidney and Lakshmi's spinal cord birth defects out of the blocks. Finally, after 27 hours, the surgery was successful, Lakshmi Tatma she had a normal life like other children.


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